South Beloit, IL - Social media platforms are becoming one of the most useful and powerful marketing tools in a company’s arsenal. There is no better place to engage the customer than in places where they are already hanging out. Garage storage system manufacturer RedLine Garagegear today announced its presence on Pinterest, the latest social media craze sweeping across the nation.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Pinterest is the full embodiment of that age old statement. This is not just another social photo sharing website. The platform allows users to create and manage photo collections based on themes that range from hobbies to interests to special events. A user “pins” the pictures on pin boards where they are arranged and managed.

Photos can be uploaded by the user or grabbed from across the web. A “Pin It” button can be added to one’s toolbar for grabbing photos from websites. The purpose of the platform is to connect people around the world based on shared interests and likes. Pinterest offers users an excellent visual experience that is unmatched across the web.

RedLine Garagegear is using the new social media platform to display pictures of its completed and installed garage storage cabinets. “We are ecstatic about the opportunity that Pinterest provides”, noted RedLine Garagegear President, Troy Greenberg. “This gives us another place to refer our customers so they can get an idea of what we have to offer.”

RedLine Garagegear sells powder coated wood garage cabinets and storage systems through its network of dealers across North America. Where a dealer is unavailable, the manufacturer sells direct to the consumer.

Pinterest affords the company more legitimacy when dealing with those direct buy customers. “It’s really about building trust for us”, said Troy. “Pinterest shows that we are a real company producing real products that solve garage organization problems for real people.”

With Pinterest, few words are needed. There is no need to bombard people daily with 140 characters just to stay in front of them. The pictures show the beauty and appeal of RedLine’s products. The attention to detail and craftsmanship are able to speak for themselves. “We have struggled to find ‘our place’ in other social media platforms”, added Troy. “I mean you can only talk about garage cabinets so much before people start tuning you out.”

RedLine Garagegear is hoping to see an increase in internet traffic as a result of its Pinterest presence. The manufacturer has already broken monthly sales records set last year. “We have already been able to generate a lot of business from the internet and we think this will only add to it”, said Troy.

About Greenberg Casework Company Inc:

Greenberg Casework Company Inc. is the parent company of RedLine Garagegear. Greenberg Casework Company has been manufacturing custom casework for schools, hospitals, and point-of-purchase display designers since 1985. The U.S. based manufacturer continues to flourish due to its close attention to detail and quality.

Source: Greenberg Casework Company Inc.

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