CHARLOTTE, NC - BreakFront announced today that Equilibrium, their web-based software solution for kitchen, bath and remodeling industry professionals, now integrates with Microsoft GreatPlains accounting system.

Dealers usually amass armies of back office personnel to rekey customer, sales order and purchase order information into their accounting systems. This creates bottlenecks, introduces costly mistakes and causes dealers’ labor costs to skyrocket.

BreakFront’s bi-directional integration with GreatPlains alleviates the need for excess labor so dealers can keep overhead low.

“We were able to create deep integration with GreatPlains for Markraft Cabinets,” said Brent Jackson, President of BreakFront. “For example, we validate customer payment terms and send warehouse receipts back to Equilibrium to deliver a near real-time integration. When someone in the warehouse triggers a receipt, Equilibrium immediately notifies the required personnel that the product has arrived. This triggers other events in Equilibrium like scheduling, delivery and more.”

Dealers who implement Equilibrium (operational management software formerly called Aurora) can streamline all aspects of their business. “By sharing customer, sales order and purchase order data with GreatPlains, Markraft can process millions of dollars in business with a fraction of the labor costs most dealers require,” said Jackson.

Equilibrium is an award-winning, web-based solution for cabinet dealers and remodelers. It is an all-in-one operational management solution which streamlines operations across the entire quoting, ordering, scheduling and installation process.

About BreakFront

Since its startup in 1997, BreakFront (formerly CompanionCabinet Software, LLC) has been dedicated to helping cabinet dealers, remodelers and other industry professionals better market, sell and operate. Along with Equilibrium software, they created an industry specific selling process called the 4M Sales Process (part of their Spectrum solution), an industry-specific marketing solution called Momentum, and other free learning resources.BreakFront’s resource center has become the largest and most comprehensive learning center in the industry.

Source: BreakFront

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