Hoechst, Austria – Austrian fittings manufacturer Blum has investigated into what innovative fittings solutions can do to improve access to items on top shelves of wall cabinets. The company presented its ideas as a concept study to tradeshow visitors from all over the world. The objective was to find out what customers and partners think of the solution and lay the foundations for the next steps in development.

Cabinet within a cabinet

The study was displayed with two models: an Aventos bi-fold lift with the Servo-Drive electric opening system and a wall cabinet with doors. A second cabinet is inside each of the models which can be lowered into an ergonomic and easily accessible position for kitchen users if desired. After opening the front, the user decides whether or not to lower the inside cabinet for enhanced user ease. The user can also decide whether only the lower cabinet should go back into its original position or whether the front should also be closed at the same time. Blum’s new concept study also deals with issues such as user-friendliness, user safety and cabinet contents.

Solution with great potential

Internal tests in the run-up to the tradeshow showed that the solution has a very positive ergonomic impact on kitchen workflows and that it has great potential. Another big advantage is that wall cabinets can be fitted at higher levels (just below the ceiling) because they can always be lowered to a position where they provide easy access to contents. This does not only apply to lift systems but also to cabinets with doors and creates new planning possibilities. In other words, it will be possible to also use higher wall cabinet positions – as is common in certain markets – and still offer enhanced user ease. Blum chose to do the study with two different types of fronts (lift system and doors) to meet the requirements of different markets and facilitate world-wide use in international kitchens.

Source: Blum

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