Hoechst, Austria – Fittings manufacturer Julius Blum is second in Austria’s patents ranking. The company’s innovative edge culiminates in its nomination for the European Inventor Award 2013.

Blum – Innovation is the Driving Force for the FutureBlum strives to perfect motion. The company wants users to be mesmerised when they open and close furniture. The objective is to improve the quality of motion – particularly in kitchens. This is a process that has been shaped by ongoing developments, innovative strength and employee motivation. The company’s commitment has been rewarded by high customer satisfaction – and numerous international awards. What’s more, the fittings manufacturer who developed soft-close Blumotion for doors has just been nominated for the European Inventor Award in the category: “industry”. The much sought-after award is presented by the European Patent Office (EPO) every year. The winners will be picked by a high-ranking international jury and announced in Amsterdam on 29 May.

Second in patents ranking

Product innovations such as Blumotion are designed to safeguard the long-term, sustainable success of the Corporate Group. Thanks to consistent investments in research and development, the family-owned company has asserted its position as a reliable supplier of furniture manufacturers and as an innovative industry leader for many years. “We apply for patents to protect all our latest developments that are designed to meet our customers’ current and future needs,” says Jürgen Wilke who is responsible for patents at Blum. He goes on to name some figures: “Blum holds some 1,200 property rights all over the world. In 2012 alone, the Austrian Patent Office granted the company 57 new patents and designs. Blum is second in Austria’s overall patents ranking.”

All of Blum’s efforts revolve around furniture users and their needs. Blum is in continuous dialogue with customers all over the world to come up with innovative product ideas that offer high user convenience and make furniture practical on the inside and beautiful on the outside. Blum’s fittings systems excel in terms of well-thought-out function, award-winning design and long life and are suitable for high-quality furniture throughout the home.

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Corporate facts and figures:

Turnover in the 2011/2012 business year: €1,261.3 million (+8.2%)

Investments in the 2011/2012 business year: € 83.3 million

Employees in the Group: 5,700

Total patents: >1,200

Patents granted by the Austrian Patent Office in 2012: 57 (second place in Austria)

Source: Blum

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