WASHINGTON – American Wood Council president and CEO Robert Glowinski issued the a statement regarding the Environmental Protection Agency’s policy memo on New Source Review project emission accounting.

“EPA’s implementation of NSR emissions accounting procedures had become so complex and distorted that a project’s emissions reductions were often not taken into account until after significant additional analyses, costs and delays,” he said. “It’s just common sense, and we appreciate that EPA has now clarified, that both emissions reductions and additions will be considered at the same time in the permitting process.

“Under the former process, for example, one of our wood products facilities was making changes to reduce energy consumption as well as comply with Boiler MACT requirements. Because of the arcane and unnecessary permitting steps, the project was delayed approximately five months, resulting in increased emissions over that time.

“AWC thanks EPA for beginning to reform the burdensome NSR review process and procedures. This is a winning proposal for both business and the environment.”

See http://www.awc.org

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