DENTON, Texas. - The CBS ArcSafe SecureConnect remote operator for Allen-Bradley Centerline 2100 Motor Control Centers (MCCs) remote racking system has won Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) magazine’s 2017 New Product of the Year Award in the electrical safety category. 
This honor is CBS ArcSafe’s eighth New Product of the Year Award for innovative safety products that protect electricians and maintenance personnel from arc-flash danger.
“CBS ArcSafe is thrilled to be recognized by OH&S and its panel of dedicated safety professionals for our commitment to developing electrical safety solutions that protect our customers’ workers,” said Ashley McWhorter, president of CBS ArcSafe, Inc. “This award instills confidence in the CBS ArcSafe team as we find new ways to keep technicians safe from arc-flash hazards.”
Designed in cooperation with Rockwell Automation, the 13 lb. SecureConnect remote operator allows technicians to remotely disconnect an individual plug-in SecureConnect unit from the Centerline 2100 MCC vertical power bus while the enclosure door is closed and while standing up to 300 feet away to avoid arc-flash injuries that can occur while standing in front of an MCC.
A technician can operate the CBS ArcSafe SecureConnect remote operator optional safety system from up to 50 feet via wired tether or up to 300 feet using CBS ArcSafe’s wireless pendant.
This new remote operator is the latest addition to CBS ArcSafe’s line of remote racking and switching solutions for circuit breakers, switchgear, and motor controls, which includes the RRS-2 BE universal remote racking system designed specifically for motor control applications.
CBS ArcSafe, Inc. offers the electrical industry’s an inventory of remote racking and switching solutions for low- and medium-voltage switchgear that do not require modification to existing equipment for operation.

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