ASHLAND, AL - Wellborn Cabinet launched "You Draw It," a program for clients to personalize hardware on customized cabinetry projects. The consumer and designer work with Wellborn using the configurator for projects such as a custom baker's pantry, a bench seat, kitchen hoods, pantries, pet areas, and furniture hutches.  
Wellborn Cabinets says the You Draw It Program is for adding customized functions to many rooms, not just kitchens, making it a home storage solution. The Ashland, AL cabinetry maker notes that customized designs are subject to approval and can extend lead time on projects. 
Pet areas are becoming more and more relevant to families that include four-legged friends, says Wellborn. "With the You Draw It Program, pet showers, pet bed areas, and pet food containers are being created to fit into the cabinetry designs," the company says. "Having pet areas are perfect for several rooms in the home by giving the pet its own space while keeping a sophisticated atmosphere.
Another way that the You Draw It Program adds function to a space is through cabinetry that is designed for a specific talent or hobby. For example, the custom baker's pantry that was designed included organization and lighting that made the space a baker's dream.
Aesthetics is another way that the You Draw It Program can be used. If there is a certain piece of furniture, such as a hutch or an island, needed to complete the look of the room, it can be customized and created. This gives a room its own character and personality of the homeowner.
The You Draw It Program is the perfect way to increase function, aesthetics, and individuality to any space. For more information on the You Draw It Program, go to

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