Although most of you have heard of laminate doors in some form or another, you need to take a close look at profile wrapped 5 piece doors. This segment is grabbing hold in a big way and cannot be ignored. The construction process and materials used to manufacture is the important part to understand here. We see this door style taking shape in closet, storage, bath and kitchen environments. Wrapped 5 piece doors offer a realistic, fashion forward, contemporary style and are driven by a cultural shift towards sustainability and a measurable, yet minimal environmental footprint. They seem to be carving out a market for themselves quite nicely between 3D rigid thermofoil 1 piece doors, TFL or melamine slab doors and solid wood or painted doors.

Let us start with a shout out to the incumbents. Rigid 3D thermofoil vinyl 1 piece doors and TFL or melamine slab doors provide a terrific offering that has been a staple in our world for many years. Solid wood and painted doors are often at the high end and reserve their place with those who want that type of product specifically. However, our market is evolving and value for a dollar is that much more important today. The hypothetical bar has been raised in this ultracompetitive world. Demand for more texture, greater realism of print or design and a construction method that mimics solid wood with opposing stile and rail grain direction is sought after. This can be achieved with 5 piece wrapped profiles and perfectly matched, laminated center panels.

Designs and flavours that the European and Asian markets developed years ago are being more readily adopted in North America. 2D laminate films wrapped on profiles and laminated on center panels create a perfect synergy between components. The films or laminates used by some profile wrapping companies today are so technologically advanced and use hybrid material in a multilayered construction. Manufacturers of these films innovate rapidly, staying on point with the unwavering movement towards a greener, more recycled and sustainable product. When wrapped on 99% post industrial, recycled MDF substrates, these laminated components come together in 45-degree or 90-degree joinery, creating a 5 piece wrapped door is truly an environmentally friendly product. No formaldehyde or chlorine off-gas and a clean incineration at the end of its life cycle to add.

Take a closer look at 5 piece wrapped doors and components. As this segment evolves, stay tuned for interior passage door components too and other iterations of 5 piece cabinet doors. Its not often that a product group is ahead of the environmental curve and I challenge you to find an alternative with such a strong sustainability story.


Ryan McKenzie is sales and marketing manager at AccuWrap Group of Companies, which offers full range of products and services to the following industries: Kitchen, Bath, Closet and Storage, RTA Furniture, Store Fixture, Office Furniture, Architectural, Hospitality, Design, Specification and Flooring. Vertical integration and cutting edge manufacturing equipment drives value, quality, reliably and innovation. We ensure maximum flexibility in material processing and deliver synergistic programs throughout North America.

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