Even for kids, slate is the new grey, farm sinks hang over the countertop, and Shaker is in style.

With the booming Gen-x and millennial generations, offspring are everywhere - and so are their toys. While many of those playthings have been rendered virtual courtesy of electronics, somehow, that little kitchen owner springs eternal. And now that Dad's are modeling serious cookery, kids need a high arc sink faucet tall enough to fit a pasta cauldron. 

The Inner Houzz in those tykes cries out for style to match what their foodie parents have. More likely, mom and dad want a kitchen that matches their style - especially with open plan living. What with all those retro Wilsonart and Formica countertop designs called up from the mid-20th-century, the kid's kitchen has to match Mom and Dad's interior design expectations.   

Pottery Barn may be the reigning champ in kitchen design for kids. It's Chelsea Kitchen multifunction play center - at $499 - is available in grey or navy. It features an all-in-one stove, oven and simulated refrigerator (a taller broom closet with a louvered top) with knobs that turn, doors that open and a water-tight sink for real cleanup. A bright finish on all sides resists chipping or fading. Measuring 59" long x 15.5" deep x 37" high, the counter height is one-third less than normal height. 

One other advantage, here, for wood manufacturers: along with the cabinetry, appliances (stove, refrigerator, washer, dryer) are also made of wood panel and solid wood trim.

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