WIMAUMA, Fla. - LED lighting is no longer just an attractive option but standard when it comes to cabinet lighting for the kitchen and other areas of the home.
Eclectic-ware, based in the Tampa Bay, Florida area, has offered a broad range of cabinet and bathroom hardware products since 2000 and assists customers with light system layouts, both DIY homeowners and commercial layouts. Since 2001, the company has been offering a variety of kitchen cabinet and display LED lighting from a well-known manufacturer - Hera Lighting. 
"Hera Lighting is not just something you find stocked on the shelves of local retail stores," says John Wagonis, owner and operator of Eclectic-ware. "But when you are in those stores, many of their shelf displays feature Hera LED and fluorescent lights. When you are in line watching your sub sandwich being made or picking out makeup from a well lit pharmacy store shelf, some of America's top retailers use Hera Lighting for their own display purposes."
Hera ELite-LED linear lighting. There are two 46" long ELite-LED lights inside this cedar drop down case built for hallway lighting.
Hera Lighting started its business with high-quality German-made halogen under cabinet lighting. In the late 1990s, the company expanded, offering light systems to go beyond the kitchen. Dining room hutches, bedroom furniture, and entertainment centers had options for miniature furniture lighting. Some of those light designs became decorative centerpieces themselves. With advancing technology, Hera engineers now create High Output LED lights that use a fraction of the power that halogen did, the company says.
Hera Lighting produces the following cabinetry, furniture, and display lights:
  • Linear LED lighting
  • Spotlight LED lights
  • Specialty application LED lights
  • Miniature Fluorescent linear lighting
Most Hera LED lights are low-voltage systems - they work from LED power drivers.  And they are a "light system."  The system is a series of lights, going from cabinet to cabinet, or across drop down ceiling partitions, or even across shelf displays 30 or more feet long.  A lighting system allows the user to select various lengths of lights, or many of the same length, and connect them together end to end or spaced apart and going around corners.  The same is true of spotlight LEDs.  The user can also set up zones where one area is lit, while another is off until needed.  The light level can be controlled by the use of optional dimming accessories.  So when there is a need of two spotlights over the sink area, then 3 feet of continuous light to your left, four feet to your right, a corner to turn, and six more feet, the "lighting system" can be set up in a variety of ways as needed, the company says. 
For more information, www.eclectic-ware.com.

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