MOUNT UNION, Penn. –  Jeanine Weinzierl was named Director of Business Development, Semi-Custom Cabinets with ACPI. The former Armstrong Cabinets is launching the new initiative under Weinzierl.

She will be responsible for creating and implementing a business plan for the commercialization of a semi-custom frameless cabinet line at ACPI’s new state-of-the-art facility in Mt. Union, PA.  Her work will include product offering, dealer distribution, sales force, marketing and sales support material and processes, and launch plan/timeline. Brooke Chase Associates managed the recruitment of Weinzierl for ACPI.


Science of cabinetry production at ACPI

"We created a science of making a cabinet,” says Walter Cisowski, COO at ACPI Cabinets.  The formula is one part technology, one part systems, and a large part people

With an extensive background in cabinetry at Masterbrand Cabinets, Luxury Custom Cabinetry Group, and Crystal Cabinet Works, Weinzierl has been responsible for increasing profitability, ease of use through simplification and matching industry trends in creating new product.  She has worked closely with operations to ensure the manufacturability and efficiency in space and capacity constraints. Winzierl earned her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin.

ACPI manufactures and distributes kitchen and bath cabinets throughout the United States under the Echelon Cabinetry and Advanta Cabinets brand names. Echelon was developed for home builders, dealers and remodelers; Advanta, for multifamily clients and architects.

The introduction of Echelon Cabinetry and Advanta Cabinets completed ACPI’s transition to new ownership, the company being purchased in October, 2012, by American Industrial Partners (AIP) and taken private. Both brands offer a new look and name.

ACP expanded its manufacturing capacity to include a second plant in Mount Union, Pennsylvania, in April. The 200,000 square foot building is situated on 36 acres in a modern industrial park, with paved parking capable of supporting 1,800 employees.

Mount Union serves as a feeder plant for expansion of ACPI's Thompsontown assembly operation and for future satellite assembly operations. ,” “The plant is strategically located in close proximity to our Thompsontown manufacturing facility," says Wally Cisowski, acpi COO/CFO, which "will enable us to expand into new markets,” such as Semi-Custom.

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