Until recently, cabinetmakers who wanted the “traditional” look of a butt hinge but the installation ease of a concealed hinge had no recourse, says Birdie Miller, designer and custom cabinetmaker. To meet this growing demand for advances in professional woodworking equipment, he created the EuroButt II, a European-style concealed butt hinge.

“EuroButt II is very practical to cabinetmakers who don’t want to or can’t use a butt hinge,” he says. “It gives them the opportunity to enter the market areas that will only accept [the look of] a traditional hinge, without requiring them to change their high-tech hinging hardware.”

The progression of photos on in the slideshow illustrate how the faux butt hinge works: (1) the cabinet without the butt hinge; (2) the cabinet interior showing the concealed hinge; (3) peeling the protective cover off the EuroButt II hinge; (4) applying the EuroButt II hinge against the door face; (5) pressing the EuroButt II PSDA tape  into place; (6) setting the nail; (7) the EuroButt II with the nail set into the countersunk hole; (8) the EuroButt II hinge is in place and the door is installed with the concealed hinge; (9) a view from the outside, with the partially opened door; (10) the EuroButt II hinge with the door fully closed. 

For more information, visit EuroButtSystemsHinge.com

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