CHARLOTTE -- Brookhuis America will be demonstrating the Tregarne Woodwelder at the Cabinets & Closets/Wood Pro Expo Charlotte colocated events March 7-8.  The Tregarne Woodwelder has been used in the woodworking industry for over 30 years.  The radio frequency (R.F.) generator produces radio waves, via a pair of triode valves. The R.F. is then modified to 27 megahertz and passed down the coaxial cable to the hand gun.  The electrodes on the hand gun are placed across the glue line and when the trigger on the hand gun is activated the radio waves pass into the glue line.  The radio waves vibrate the water molecules in the glue, causing heat and the heat sets off the glue, all completed in 15 seconds or less.  The WoodWelder can cure standard woodworking glues like PVA and UREA.  Great news for those who needs to free up clamps quicker or just get the job done in a fraction of the time.

Tregarne is a well know name in the UK and Europe for portable RF (high frequency) curing machines, having manufactured and sold many thousands of machines over the years, and is now the only manufacture of such units in Europe. Many units are in daily use in the United States and Canada according to the company.  Brookhuis is based in Atlanta, GA.  The company said it is now easier than ever to source parts and immediate service for your Tregarne Woodwelder.

Brookhuis America will be exhibiting in Booth #721 at Wood Pro Expo Charlotte.  View the entire exhibitor list and floorplan.
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