PASADENA --  Häfele America Co.'s ENGAGE Closet & Storage System is a modular, stylish option that can be easily used in practically any space. The ENGAGE system shelves and drawers come standard with soft close and fully extend so you can reach the very back of your closet. Beyond traditional elements such as drawers and shelves, ENGAGE offers a wide array of hampers, dividers, shoe organizers, folding stations and storage boxes. ENGAGE hampers come equipped with scratch-resistant handles which can be grabbed with one hand, emptied and returned to the closet with ease.  Allowing for flexibility and creativity in both placement and design, most ENGAGE system components come pre-assembled, allowing for easy and efficient installation. All components in the ENGAGE product line feature aluminum frames and dividers in multiple finishes on soft close, under-mount slides and are available in standard 18”, 24”, 30” and 36” widths. Drawers are available in both regular and tall drawer front depth with matching dividers. Even more personality and style can be added with drawer face adapters to conceal frames and dividers. Lastly, locks can be added to secure jewelry and other valuables.  Finishes include Matt Nickel frames with Slate fabric or Oil-Rubbed Bronze with Beach fabric.
Häfele will also display the Hailo 60 Laundry Hamper.  While your home may only have one laundry room, soiled clothes can be found anywhere: the mud room as you enter from the garage, the kitchen where a spill occurred and the bathroom where dirty clothes often trail a soon-to-be clean human being.  Enter the Hailo Laundry Hamper to tame, organize and conquer laundry. 
The Hailo Laundry Hamper is available in multiple configurations and can fit into practically any room
Available in dual, stacked bin or dual, side-by-side varieties, the Hailo Laundry Hamper can fit into practically any room and base cabinet configuration. Blue and white bins allow you to separate laundry in real-time. Featuring tastefully designed white hardware with smooth,  soft-closing slides, the Hailo Laundry Hamper brings functionality and purpose to any space where soiled clothes may enter.
Häfele will be exhibiting in Booth # 200 at the Cabinets & Closets Conference & Expo.  Click HERE to see a complete list of exhibitors.
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