Joe Knobbe will present the session, "Working with Architects and Designers," during the 2016 Cabinets & Closets Conference, March 22, at the Pasadena Convention Center.

Knobbe, who is Senior Project Manager at Exclusive Woodworking, Inc., Waukegan, Illinois, works on some of the most demanding architectural interior projects in the country, including several Subzero kitchen showrooms in major cities. Knobbe, a past-president of the Cabinet Makers Association, lead a CMA-sponsored tour of the Atlanta Subzero showroom during IWF 2014 trade show.

Joe Knobbe (foreground) leading a CMA tour of a project in Chicago.

Knobbe's presentation on will focus on the unique client and project requirements involved in working with architecture and design firms, and how the more formal expectations differ from working with construction or remodeling projects managed in a more informal manner by private individuals or homeowners.

Maintaining the integrity of an architectural concept, while transforming it into an actual space, requires many skills and disciplines. Joe Knobbe will share lessons drawn from years of experience working with architects and designers.


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