Wood component manufacturers track the same trends that cabinet designers do, responding to consumer demand for rustic and textured surfaces in closets and cabinetry. At the 2016 Cabinets and Closets Expo, wood component manufacturers will be showing trending styles, colors and textures, in an exhibition that concentrates on products used in closets and custom cabinetry.

JB Cutting will be exhibiting at the show in Booth 215, with its newest offerings in thermofused laminate (TFL) doors and drawers including the Craftsman series, and the Artisan series, new for 2016, which are exact match melamine (TFL) products. The Artisan series is available in several styles (45 degree and 90 degree shaker profiles, 3 Piece and slab fronts) and colors. It features a multi-directional grain, and core materials that are 100 percent recycled CARB II compliant.

In order to produce this line, sheets of melamine are cut into stiles and rails which are then edge-banded, doweled, glued and clamped around a ¼-inch thick piece of melamine. To complete the part, the outside of the door/drawer is edge-banded. The 3-piece and slab parts are cut out of melamine and edge-banded. We expect this line to continually grown throughout 2016 to include matches to major TFL suppliers.
Craftsman is JB Cutting’s line of 5-piece profile-wrapped doors and drawer fronts. This line emulates the look of real wood, featuring multi-directional grain and matching backs, and it perfectly matches many melamine (TFL) colors already in use by the industry. To produce Craftsman, 9-foot sticks of profile-wrapped, recycled core, CARB II compliant MDF mouldings are cut into stiles and rails. Through mortise and tenon construction, the stiles and rails are glued and clamped around a center of ¼-inch thick, two-sided MDF. 
JB Cutting is sponsoring the keynote address by LA Closet & Design's Lisa Adams on March 23 at Cabinets & Closets Expo at the Pasadena Convention Center.  

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