Closet designers: Declutter your content
By Mike Foti
January 10, 2018 | 4:17 pm CST

To realize digital marketing success (for this article I will define that as cost effective lead generation) you need to not only know the trends in the market, you need to know the right tactics to take advantage of these trends. 

What are the right platforms, people, tools and digital assets to get results without killing your budget? Where should you put time, money and energy to digitally grow your home organization or cabinetry biz? 

In this article (part 2 of a 5 tip series) we’ll look at content marketing and how to leverage it to make money for your business.

Digital clutter is getting worse. Content without substance is a waste of time (and will show up less in search). 
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Just like closet and garage clutter – digital clutter is a problem. It’s simple to be a “micro-publisher” and spin out content and fill up inboxes and social channels (can you relate to this problem?). You may think you can get digital success by hiring a college journalism major to crank out “book report” style articles with keyword stuffed search terms or random social media posts and see “bigly” (as Trump would say) results. Think again.
In today’s world – that would be fake news. With this being said – content is important to position you as the expert. It’s important to drive traffic to your web site, blog or Youtube channel (and not have to give ‘mo money to Mr. Google).
How can you fight through digital clutter and have your content rise to the top?
Pick one digital platform and become a maniac in your efforts to master it. Here’s a couple of ideas to consider: 
If you like to write – learn everything about blogging (I’ve included a link to my Pinterest board with a bunch of articles from blogging experts - 
If you’re a talker learn how to speak in front of a camera and start spinning out videos. 
What’s cool in today’s digital world is it’s not necessarily the company with the most money who gets to the top – it’s the company with people who are the biggest “students of the digital game” who grow. 

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