Zach WIlliams
Zach WIlliams

How do you make all of the pieces of your online marketing mix fit together so it actually drives sales? Specializing in marketing building products and wood industries, Venveo founder Zach Williams says the trick is to uncover what your core audience really wants, and then drive them to action. Venveo is a digital marketing agency that specializes in using its knowledge of building and remodeling to help its clients grow sales by improving their online presence.

Hear Williams at the Purebond Green Cabinet Conference April 12.
"Most manufacturers know they need to have a website and social media," says Williams. "They know they need email marketing and content but how do you make all of the pieces of your online marketing mix fit together so it actually drives sales?"
Williams says your online presence has the ability to become that 24/7 salesperson that is scalable, and measurable. Typically, manufacturers view their website and digital marketing efforts as checkboxes to complete instead of trying to see the big picture in how it can drive leads and ultimately sales.
The problem is that most manufacturers don’t understand how all the pieces fit together to grow sales using their online presence. They don’t know what their website should do, what they should be doing on social media, and how things like marketing automation fit in.
What I’m going to show you is the exact process, in 4 milestones, that you can take to drive traffic, leads, and ultimately sales from your online presence without you needing to redesign your website.

Milestone 1: Traffic

It’s no secret that you need to be growing your traffic online.
Your online presence is driven by people searching for and finding your products. If people can’t find you online then you’re fighting a losing battle.
Most manufacturers utilize some mix of SEO, online advertising, social media, and other means to generate traffic but where they fall short is driving the highest quality traffic.

Milestone 2: Trust

The biggest mistake manufacturers make after driving traffic to their site is they try to get visitors to convert to become a lead right away.
I have a saying when it comes to building materials digital marketing… your traffic won’t commit until you prove you’re the right fit.
Once you get potential customers to your site, your goal is build trust.

Milestone 3: Convert

Once you’ve built trust with your audience, then you can offer opportunities for them to go to the next milestone which is convert.
This is where someone takes the step from being a passive online viewer to an active potential customer.
You can introduce opportunities for someone to convert to become a lead by offering incredibly valuable content and tools that will help your audience be better at their jobs and solve common pain points.

Milestone 4: Nurture

Once you’ve identified that potential customer and captured them as a lead you now have to nurture them to the point where they are ready to purchase.
This is where your digital and online marketing goes full circle. This is holy grail of digital marketing.
Before founding Venveo in 2007, Williams worked with online media agencies Modea and Synapse Design. He has a BFA in Graphic Design from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. 

At the upcoming Columbia Forest Products PureBond Fabricator Green Cabinet Conference, Williams will lead a presentation titled "SMSM: Social Media = Simple Marketing" - specifically highlighting how cabinet shops should be using social media. The Green Cabinet Conference takes place at the Cabinets & Closets Expo April 12 near Chicago.



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