More than ever, homeowners use Google to find pros who can help them with their home remodeling, clsoets and home organization needs. How can you stay effective online? It’s simple: give your customers good content – the way they want it.  You can stay competitive in 2017 by following these 5 simple guidelines.

1) Be Mobile-Friendly 

Format your website for mobile search. Keep all content updated, functional and accurate (no slow load times, no unplayable videos). Displays should automatically adjust to any size of mobile screen.
Why? Over half of all online searches now occur on mobile phones. Users are giving preference to mobile-friendly sites. The sooner you go mobile, the better your performance will be.

2) Be Helpful

Gear your website toward real human beings, not search engine robots. Make sure searchers find what they’re looking for on your site, especially on your homepage. The browsing experience should be easy to navigate, insightful and straightforward.
Why? When users search, they are often looking for a resolution to a question or concern. Giving visitors the information they’re looking for reflects well on your company and increases the likelihood of conversion. 

3) Be Smart

Do not underestimate the power of Google Analytics. In a matter of seconds, a Google Analytics report can track conversions, customer behavior, preferences and keyword performance. Fine-tune your marketing strategy accordingly. 
Why? You’ll understand your users on a whole new level. When you have more knowledge about your users, you can more effectively target your marketing. That gives you the best return on your investment.

4) Be Persistent

Remarket your brand and offerings to reach customers when they are in the buying mood. Display remarketing through Adwords keeps your brand alive in your customer’s mind by showing an ad while they are consuming other content. Choose from a variety of customization options, including pictures or descriptions of the product they were looking at. 
Why? These days, people swim through a sea of content from morning to night. Remarketing helps your company stand out and break through. 

5) Be at the Top 

Bottom line: paid search pays off. If you are already on Adwords, upgrade your current ads to the expanded text ad format. Create eye-catching headlines to maximize your clicks and conversions. Learn how to use tools like keyword insertion, ad extensions and customizers. 
Why? Users make their decisions to tap or click fast. Paid search is a proven way to boost visibility and conversions. When you’re at the top, you generate more leads. 
With all online marketing, it is imperative to follow Google best practices to get high-quality results. Stand out, break through and make the most out of every lead in 2017. 

Todd Bairstow is is co-founder and principal of Keyword Connects. He will be keynoting 9:00 a.m. on April 12 at Cabinets & Closets Conference and Expo 2017 with Lauren Mobyed, Agency Development Manager from Google. Bairstow will also deliver a conference session  April 11, Lead Generation Myths that Cost Closets Companies Money as part of the Closets Conference

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