DENVER - HomeAdvisor, a service for finding home remodeling and services professionals, says it found a remarkable correlation political affiliation and other aspects on homeowner attitudes and decision-making related to home improvement in the 2016 election year.  
HomeAdvisor analyzed data from millions of projects carried out through its professional-finding services for its annual True Cost Report. Cross-correlating data, report analysts set out to explore the impact of political affiliation and other aspects on homeowner attitudes and decision-making related to home improvement in the 2016 election year. HomeAdvisor's findings suggest a remarkable correlation between homeowners' political affiliations and their approach to home projects.
Democrats do more research and are more willing to spend money on home projects, according to HomeAdvisor's True Cost Survey. In fact, more than one-quarter of homeowners identifying as Democrats reported taking more than six months to research major home improvement projects, while 60 percent of homeowners identifying as Republicans reported spending fewer than three months.
Further, of those surveyed, Democrats reported a willingness to spend as much as $3,417 on a home maintenance or repair project, while Republicans reported a willingness to spend only as much as $2,194. Conversely, Republicans are more likely than Democrats to complete projects on their own when they think hiring a professional will be too expensive, according to HomeAdvisor data, with 60 percent and 43 percent reporting such willingness, respectively.

Democrats are okay to spend $1,223 more than Republicans

Perhaps the most notable difference in the attitudes of Democrat and Republican homeowners is their outlook on the economy: Of those surveyed, 58 percent of Republicans and 27 percent of Democrats feel that the economy is poised to worsen a great deal.

Popular 2015 Projects Average National Cost

Install an alarm system $670
Hire a locksmith $151
Maintain a lawn $164
Hire an energy auditor $372
Remodel a kitchen $19,993
Remodel a bathroom $9,285
Remodel a garage $10,664
Remodel a swimming pool $8,136
Hire insect control service $183
Hire a maid $181
HomeAdvisor's True Cost Report mines data from projects contract through its professional locating service about improvements homeowners are making, how much they're spending and earning on their investments, and how they're researching and paying for projects. The report offers a look at how generational, regional and political aspects affect American homeowners' attitudes and decision-making when it comes to home improvement.
The HomeAdvisor's True Cost Guide is a database that collects real cost data from millions of homeowner projects - as well as an annual survey designed to explore the ways in which homeowners budget, save and pay for home improvement projects. HomeAdvisor's first True Cost Report was published in 2015. The 2016 True Cost Report provides a comparative snapshot of homeowner survey responses collected in February 2016, further forecasting through the next 12 months.



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