Lakeside Woodworks' Round Bourbon Concrete Table wins 2018 People's Choice award
October 18, 2018 | 5:10 pm CDT
Lakeside Woodworks' project "Round Bourbon Concrete Table" was the top vote-getter in the 2018 Best In Wood People's Choice awards. Out of over 31 entries the project received the most likes on Woodworking Network's Facebook page. 
Here's how Lakeside Woodworks describes the crowd favorite:
Project Description:
This 48" round table features a 2" thick, polished concrete top and a custom round base using reclaimed bourbon barrel staves and barrel ring.
Project Construction Details:
We built a 48" round form and poured the top using Quikrete countertop mix. We wet set a base plate into the concrete so that the top can be removed from the base. While the top was curing we built the base using reclaimed barrel staves to give the look of an exploded bourbon barrel. In order to give full support for the 300 pound top, we used reclaimed oak flooring from a Jim Beam Rickhouse for the top and bottom of the base. There is a single steel tube in the center with a threaded rod to help hold everything in alignment while the staves were placed and held together with a single reclaimed bourbon barrel ring and then epoxied in place at the top and bottom. Once the base was complete we finished it with a natural Danish Oil and then started polishing the concrete top. We polished all the way up to 3000 grit and used a warm gray unsanded grout to fill any voids. We then finished the top with several coats of Aquapel.
Materials Used:
Quikrete Countertop Mix, Reclaimed Oak from Jim Beam, Reclaimed bourbon barrel staves, reclaimed bourbon barrel ring, 3" steel tube, 3/8" all thread rod, System 3 epoxy and black dye, General Finishes Natural Danish Oil, Mapei Warm Gray UnSanded Grout, Aquapel Clear Sealer.
Equipment and/or Software Used
o Table saw, miter saw, jig saw, drill, impact driver, polisher, random orbital sander, concrete vibrator, router.

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