Chemcraft wood coatings empower Würth Baer customers to finish with a flourish

L-R: Bob Pugh, Chemcraft Technical Representative, Tyler Shaheen, Famil Furniture, and Jeff Ayer, Coating’s Specialist.

Photo By Chemcraft

Würth Baer’s continued commitment to excellent customer service – and its use of Chemcraft wood coatings – have been instrumental to its success as one of North America’s leading specialty wholesale distributors to the woodworking industry. So, too, is its passion for educating customers about how to master the craft of applying the finest wood coatings to help a business flourish.

Würth Baer sells an extensive range of products, from decorative and functional hardware and fittings to tools, shop supplies, and board and panel products, as well as surfacing materials. It primarily works with cabinetmakers, countertop fabricators, kitchen and bathroom stores, and furniture and closet manufacturers. The company’s relationship with customers often goes deeper, from delivering wood finishing services to major kitchen cabinet manufacturers to providing color matches for leading guitar manufacturers.

With a 50-year history, Würth Baer and its team have earned a reputation for building long-term partnerships with both their customers and their suppliers. They began working with AkzoNobel in 2012 when they became a distributor of Chemcraft wood coatings. 

Chris Fulton, sales director at Würth Baer, said there was an instant synergy between the two organizations. “We forged a strong relationship and partnership,” he said. “We share similar values and a passion to grow and serve customers.”

Building the foundations of success
The dedication to customer service from Würth Baer and AkzoNobel is evident through the shared track record the two teams have in exchanging technical expertise. Both companies concur that they can significantly impact a customer’s business by gaining a deeper understanding of their customers and the wood products they manufacture.

Consider the case of Family Furniture Company in Southern Indiana. Established by Tyler Shaheen, the Family Furniture Company originated from his passion for woodworking. Shaheen’s journey commenced with crafting unique pieces. Today, he designs contemporary and farmhouse-style dining furniture, aimed at providing families with a splendid space for cherishing valuable moments together.

Recognizing Shaheen’s carpentry expertise, the Würth Baer team swiftly identified that applying specialty coatings would enhance the final touches of his exquisitely crafted furniture.

Going the extra mile 
During their visit with Shaheen, Jeff Ayer, outside coatings specialist from Würth Baer, and Bob Pugh, sales manager for Chemcraft wood coatings, for Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia discovered that he was utilizing competitor products without much, if any, technical assistance.

They engaged in conversations and practical demonstrations highlighting the advantages of Chemcraft wood coatings, emphasizing the proper building of coating systems, and the precise methods and timings for their application.

The two coating experts introduced Shaheen to the appropriate sanding, catalyzation and spraying techniques for the applications – all of which are critical to achieving the finest, most durable finish.

They also demonstrated the Chemcraft wood coatings mobile app, which provides all the product information needed in one place. It includes ‘how-to’ videos and trouble-shooting guides to ensure anyone using the products has the knowledge they need at their fingertips when they need it. 

Shaheen followed Ayer’s and Pugh’s recommendations on coatings systems to perfect his technique and expand the company’s range of furniture. The company now has a collection of dining tables, chairs, benches, and desks for residential and commercial customers.

It also generously shares its new-found knowledge and expertise with a growing community of woodworking enthusiasts who follow its social media channels.

Family Furniture’s Tyler Shaheen believes that the most important aspects of a finish are a good quality look, durability, and ease of use. “Thankfully,” he said, “we have been able to achieve all these results with a variety of Chemcraft wood coatings products.

“A good quality looking finish is critical for any furniture company selling high-end pieces,” he continued. “A beautiful coating simply completes and highlights the hard work put into a piece.”

Jose Salinas, coating sales and product manager at Würth Baer, said the company also understands the value of the finish.

“When someone is buying a piece of furniture, they want to touch it and feel the quality of it, and that’s why the finish is so important,” said Salinas. “So, we always want to help craftsmen, like those at Family Furniture, to understand the different types of coatings and the application techniques, to help them bring value to their pieces – to their masterpieces.”

Shaheen and his team also want to make pieces that will last. “The most common question we get asked is about surface durability and resistance to water rings, spills, food, etc., so being able to confidently tell our clients that we use durable premium products always puts their minds at ease and makes them much more comfortable placing an order with us.”

From a business point of view, Chemcraft wood coatings are reliable products that are easy to use. “I don’t want a product that requires years of experience in chemical coatings to be able to apply,” Shaheen said. “My goal was to have our team applying spray finishes with great results quickly and easily.”

The AkzoNobel team recognizes that there can be a skills gap when it comes to wood coating systems and applications and is committed to supporting woodworking professionals on how to use different products and systems to create beautifully finished pieces through the company’s network of valuable distributors.

Sharing the knowledge
“We all know that if you don’t finish a piece of furniture with high-end coatings, then all the craftmanship is undone,” said Cayce Hewlett, regional sales manager, Chemcraft US. “It’s the finish that everyone sees and feels.” 

“Craftsmen are often taught how to build a beautiful cabinet, but not about the importance of finishing,” Hewlett continued. “When they start out as a professional, often they haven’t mastered the correct products and systems to use, and they may end up using a variety of different products with chemistries that don’t work together. They don’t know, for example, that you can’t use a post-catalyzed product over a pre-catalyzed product.”

Pugh added, “We invest time training our distributors and also end users, and it is extremely worthwhile to take them through all the different coatings, help them to understand what to use and why to use it.”

Pugh said that the close relationship between Chemcraft and Würth Baer offers a major competitive advantage to woodworking manufacturers of all sizes.

“Our trusted partnership means that we can bring our combined years of experience, and knowledge of coatings’ formulations and natural wood, to share best practices with furniture and cabinet professionals, however big or small they are at the time.”

Hewlett agreed that the support Würth Baer offers customers is invaluable. “Würth Baer has experienced teams who know and understand coatings. Through their strong relationship with AkzoNobel, Würth Baer collectively passes on valuable technical knowledge to customers.”

Pugh also praises the Würth Baer team for investing so much time and effort into sharing this knowledge with customers. “Würth Baer’s commitment to excellence does go way beyond the sale of its products,” he said. “We are proud to be a trusted partner in helping to deliver a better finish for all.  After all, a great finish is only the beginning.”

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