Here are five things to consider when purchasing a semi-automatic turntable stretch wrapper.

1 Does the turntable stop if the film breaks?

A safe pallet wrapper will automatically stop the wrap cycle as soon as it detects a film break, so the operator won’t be tempted to reattach film to a rotating load.

2 Are the wires and motors enclosed?

Exposed wires and motors create trip hazards or could cause severe burns or scrapes. Look for a stretch wrapper that has enclosed components to protect not only the operators, but the machine as well.

3 Is the film delivery system on the same side of the mast as the control panel?

Look for a wrapper that has the control panel on the same side as the film delivery system. If on the opposite side, the operator can be tempted to walk between the turntable, and mast and risk being struck by the load.

4 Are the rollers in film delivery system guarded?

Exposed rollers can be dangerous: loose clothing or even hands can get pulled into the film delivery system when the rollers are turning.

5 Can the footprint of your load fit entirely within the turntable’s circumference without overhang?

A pallet that overhangs the turntable and is particularly heavy can droop or sag, causing it to hit the machine’s base, and possibly damaging the machine or the load. Even worse, the extending edges of the pallet could hit the operator. It’s a stretch wrapping best practice to match your machine to you pallet size.

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