Over the years, I have accumulated a number of pieces of really nice veneer. You know how it goes, you order an extra sheet or two – just in case – and at the end of the job you have three left over. Rolling them up became too cumbersome with cardboard tubes in racks and standing on end. What I really wanted to do was to store them flat so that they would be ready to go when needed, but I did not have room in my shop for a flat veneer/plywood rack.
I did, however, have some square footage on the ceiling. A quick trip to the home supply store to get some metal studs, 1/8-inch hardboard, heavy-duty hinges, some custom catches made of 1-1/2-inch tube steel and ½-inch bolts, and a few hours of work led to my ceiling-mounted veneer rack.
Bolts going through square steel tubing serve to hold the hinged storage container in place on the ceiling.
It will fit 5x10-foot sheets with no problem. A wooden brace holds it up while I undo the bolts and then lower it down, using a small step ladder as a stop. This has been a great way to hold on to those extra sheets of veneer, which has paid off from time to time for smaller jobs – like bathroom vanities.

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