Waterborne finishes for wood products will be discussed by Leslie Smith, market development manager for Sherwin-Williams.

Smith’s presentation is part of a day-long Finishing Symposium being held July18, the day before AWFS Fair exhibits open.

Most other industries have already converted from solvent to water, including architectural coatings, automotive and marine applications. Smith said that advancements in waterborne technology have created new and better products, and that the wood finishes marketplace is transforming from solvent to water.

Advantages include no or very low VOCs, no flammable solvents, and water cleanup for hands and equipment. Overspray reductions and better material recovery in automatic spray systems are also advantages.

Smith will talk about the past use of the technology, and customer concerns about lead-based paint, formaldehyde and better indoor air quality. Research and development budgets are focused on more environmentally friendly solutions.

In addition, he will address common misconceptions involving waterborne coatings, including quality and cost, and advantages in gaining third-party certifications, and steps to follow for companies seeking to convert

The day-long Finishing Symposium, being held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, will also examine what's new in wood finishing, looking at other new finishes, new application technologies and best methods that wood manufacturing operations can use.

Go to http://www.woodworkingnetwork.com/events-contests/awfs for more information.

Milesi is the sponsor of the Finishing Symposium.

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