VANCOUVER, WA- TigerStop® is proud to introduce you to its new products and to help you learn about how automation can be easily and cost-effectively added to almost any lineal cutting, drilling and boring processes.
• TigerTouch: A completely new and highly innovative turn-key software solution for fully automated material processing. Cut-off, punching, boring, and machining equipment requiring length measurement can now couple a TigerStop positioning system with TigerTouch, which operates on a touch-screen tablet interface. TigerTouch provides a userfriendly visual representation of the actual material process, while providing highly sophisticated control and customization options on the manufacturing floor. TigerTouch is equipped with the powerful and easy-to-use Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet, with its large, 12” touchscreen.
• TigerRip 1000 Add-on Automation: TigerStop has expanded its ripping automation product line by offering TigerRip 1000 as an add-on system, now able to be adapted to an existing rip saw. Previously only available as an entire straight line rip saw system, the new add-on offering allows manufacturers to affordably add material optimization and rip saw automation functions to existing equipment with three product configurations:
In-feed table and automated fence; In-feed table, automated fence and saw; or, The entire system of the in-feed table, automated fence, saw and return conveyor.
The automation and material optimization that result from incorporating TigerRip 1000 is usually only attributed to larger, all-inclusive saw systems, which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. TigerRip 1000 enables small to medium-sized shops to affordably add large shop performance and efficiency.

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