HOLZ-HER's new CAD/CAM software 3D-Master, can control CNC machining centers with 3 to 5 axes and was developed from scratch to meet the demands for machining wood and synthetic materials.
The CAD feature in the software provides all standard drafting functions, allowing simple creation of two-dimensional as well as three-dimensional objects. These work pieces can then be assigned to the required processing stages and tools in the CAM section. Then the cutting paths along the surface of the work piece are calculated automatically as rough-cutting and finish cutting cycles. This software is distinguished by the significant advantages of full integration of the post-processor into the HOLZ-HER CNC, as well as the transfer of all tool parameters from the CAMPUS/NCHops software tool database. This means it is only necessary to create and update one database, preventing errors and mix-ups. In addition to managing 5-axis simultaneous cutting with milling tools, the software can also control saw blades in 5-axis operation.  
An important feature of the 3D-MASTER software is the integrated import filter for all common CAD drawing formats on the market. This allows 3D drawings from other software sources to be opened easily and provided with the processing parameters. The software also includes an "ART" module for designing such items as company nameplates as well as a tool for vectorizing graphics and for popular structure milling. The 3D MASTER also supports laser scans of work pieces, humans, etc.
A practical upgrade feature, particularly for 5-axis operation, is the 3D simulation and collision control. With this option customers obtain perfect 3D simulation of their HOLZ-HER machine, allowing them to simulate production of the work piece even before starting production, thus preventing any possible collisions between router spindle, tool, machine table and suction cups.

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