At AWFS Fair 2015, HOLZ-HER will introduce five newly developed processing units for the upper range Accura and Lumina series edgebanders. This new range including the top/bottom trim unit, corner-rounding / shaping unit, profile scraping, finish scraping, and grooving units were developed with the target of 100% repetition accuracy.
The trend to flexible production with increasingly smaller lot sizes is continuously growing. HOLZ-HER's priority was placed on 100% repeatable accuracy even with frequent change-overs.
All processing units must satisfy customer requirements to obtain the same precise settings repeatedly, even at high production rates.
Multi-profile tooling and highly efficient automatic tool changers provide the ultimate in flexibility and productivity. The multi-function package allows tooling profiles to be changed at the touch of a button without even opening the machine hood. A total of 20 servo-axes provide complete automation on the new processing units. This allows complete profile changes with various radiuses, bevels or flushing cutting without setup work, for fast and profitable productivity. The top/bottom trim unit has a multiple stage diamond tool for flush cutting up up to 8 mm as well as 3 different radii and 45° bevel. The intelligent diamond turret tool changer has different profile cutterheads for the corner-rounding unit. This patented tool from Leitz is called "quattroForm".
Finally, the multi-function radius profile scraper unit includes a fully automatic 5-section revolving tool magazine for five different standard carbide scraping tools. Among other things HOLZ-HER incorporates a fully digital NC servo-technology for the positioning drives with an accuracy of 5/1,000 mm on the new units. New features include a clearance-free mechanism to virtually eliminate inaccuracies resulting from mechanical spindle play. The new processing units feature a solid design with high precision linear guides and an intelligent, fully automatic pneumatic control. Further optimization was implemented for the high gloss trend using special chemical finishes for the sensing rollers and special "soft touch" features. All attachments are equipped with shock-absorbing bearings suitable for high speed operation up to 25 m/min. in continuous operation.  

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