ARCHDALE, NC– Häfele America Co., a leader in LED lighting technology, has expanded its industry-leading Loox cabinet lighting system to feature the next generation of light strips, a state-of-the-art wireless remote system and innovative new surface-mounted area lights. These new additions and many more were specifically engineered by Häfele for furniture, cabinet and closet lighting applications.“We are proud to continue advancements in LED technology to bring the most advanced high-quality products to market,” says Jeff Ratkus, product manager for Häfele. “Our latest offerings reflect the functional and aesthetic importance of well-designed lighting while keeping installation simple for woodworkers and other installers.”
New Generation of Flexible Light Strips 
With the introduction of several new flexible light strips, Häfele will offer an assortment of high-quality flexible light strips. This gives customers the ability to select lights that are best-suited for specific applications – from subtle ambient lighting to extremely bright task lighting. Häfele has also expanded their line of surface and recess mounted aluminum profiles and lens covers to enable the light strips to seamlessly integrate into almost any cabinet application.    
Remote Zone Lighting 
Häfele’s new multi-zone switching and dimming system allows users to control multiple lights with a single remote. The wireless remote can be used to control up to six separate zones. For example, up lighting can be set as one zone and under cabinet lighting could be another. Additionally, specific lighting scenarios, such as night illumination or task lighting, can be programmed to give homeowners one-touch control.
Surface Mounted Area Lights
The new surface mounted area lights from Häfele are notable for their slim, quarter-inch profile and their ability to cast a smooth, even light over a large area. The innovative design features a broad flat surface area that generates smooth, homogenous light output with no visible LED dots. The lights are offered in two sizes; 7” round or 8” square and are available in warm and cool color temperatures.  

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