LAS VEGAS -- D.C. Clark of Clark Deco Moldings, Inc. is a finishing expert and consultant who will describe his experiences as a distributor visiting shops and recommendations at the Finishing Symposium. Plan to be in the Las Vegas Convention Center on July 16, the day before AWFS Fair exhibits open.

The AWFS Symposia, presented by CCI Media and Woodworking Network, provide a full day’s intensive training tailored to your business needs and get you ready for the biggest industry trade show of the year. Here are some areas Clark will discuss:

--Partnership. Clark will talk about the importance of a partnership with your coating supplier and how that partnership can and should be helping your finishing department.

--Social Media. Connecting your finishing department to social media and ultimately your customers is also important, Clark said. He will briefly discuss how and why many finishing shops are using social media to expand and grow their business. Find out why this is important in today's world, especially for the smaller shops.     

--Continued Education and Investment. Clark said he finds that for many shops, the finishing department is an afterthought. So much investment is made in the building of cabinets, and what's left over goes to finishing. He will discuss how and why certain shops that invest in finishing are the ones that are growing and expanding their business. He will also discuss what are they investing in, and why they investing in it.  

--Sameness to Greatness - Why do some shops insist on maintaining the status quo, while others strive for greatness? Clark will talk about how elevating your finishing department also elevates your business. Finish sells. Find out how you can take your finishing department to the next level and ultimately grow your business.

The full-day Finishing Symposium will look at a variety of new and emerging finishing technologies and best practices. Finishing system organization, performance measurement and problem solving are addressed. The Finishing Symposium is sponsored by Milesi, Superfici, and Burkle.


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