Woodworkers know that maintaining cutting tools is important. Over time, resins build up on saw blades and bits that hinder cutting performance.

Blue Bear Blade and Bit cleaner offers a reusable, and safe solution for  cleaning needs. Made  in the U.S. with American soybeans and citrus oils, this non-toxic product works on dirty blades and bits. Submerge the blade or drill bit into the cleaner and let it work.

The longer  the blade sits in the cleaner the easier it will be to clean. Once the resins are softened, use a soft wire brush or rag to remove the pitch for a clean blade. Since there is no water in the formulation there is very little evaporation and you can let you blades soak as long as you need without worrying about rust.

Blue Bear Blade and Bit Cleaner is also reusable. After cleaning, either cover the product in the container that was used for cleaning or pour back into the bottle for use next time. For more information visit www.franmar.com 

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