DALLAS - The manufacturer of Accoya wood, the world’s leading high-performance wood, will introduce Tricoya, the greatest evolution in MDF in 50 years, at AWFS in Las Vegas during a live stream “Ask the Expert” event:
  • Who/What: Accoya and Tricoya expert Randy Clark, Tricoya user Gary Zacchia from Architectural Door Corporation, and Woodworking Network’s Bill Esler
  • When: Thursday, July 20th, 11am – 12pm
  • Where: Booth #7380 
Backed by a 50-year warranty, Tricoya is made from wood fibers that have gone through a modification process called acetylation, similar to Accoya wood, that alters the cell structure of the wood rendering wood more dimensionally stable. Like Accoya wood, Tricoya panels are an unrecognizable food source for insects and prevents fungal decay. 

Tricoya can be used on a variety of exterior applications that would not normally be considered ideal for any MDF products including façade cladding, fascia and soffit panels, window components, outdoor furniture, and play frames/tree houses. It can also be used in wet interior applications such as wall linings in swimming pools, bathrooms, wet rooms, and changing rooms.

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“Tricoya is truly a major innovation in the wood panel industry and we are excited to bring it the 

“Tricoya is truly a major innovation in the wood panel industry and we are excited to bring it the North American market,” said Laura Keily, head of marketing at Accsys Group. “Tricoya opens up new market opportunities for woodworking professionals to use a wood panel that will stand the test of time and climate.” 
Tricoya panels are available through worldwide network of distributors throughout North America. For more information, visit www.tricoya.com.
Accoya wood (www.accoya.com ) is produced using Accsys Technologies’ proprietary patented process that effectively converts sustainably grown softwoods and non-durable hardwoods into what is best described as a "high technology wood". It is renowned for its durability, dimensional stability and, perhaps most importantly of all, its reliability.  Accoya wood is particularly suited to exterior applications where performance and appearance are valued.
Tricoya MDF panels (tricoya.com) made using Tricoya wood chips are extremely durable and stable, making them perfect for exterior and wet area applications. They are light-weight, sustainable and offer a 50 year above ground and 25 year in ground guarantee, revolutionizing the opportunities presented to architects, specifiers, designers and home owners. 

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