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Robert Dalheim

Robert Dalheim is an editor at the Woodworking Network. Along with publishing online news articles, he writes feature stories for the FDMC print publication. He can be reached at [email protected]

Minimizing noise levels in woodshops

Noise emissions in woodworking shops can be extreme. in our industry segment: According to the EU Directive „Noise“, companies are obliged to provide hearing protection for workplaces with a noise level higher than 80 dB. From 85 dB on, employees are required to wear hearing protection. Most workplaces in the woodworking and furniture industry as well as in joineries exceed the noise level of 85 dB. The noisiest production steps are „sawing“ and „planing“ with noise levels between 83 and 103 dB, followed by milling with 82 to 94 dB. Noise formation