I was hoping you could answer my question (below) or direct me to someone who can.

I recently found a half wine barrel (cut vertically) and have been restoring it. I'm hoping to install a wine rack into the barrel, facing out of the barrel's open half.

The problem is, the wine rack is flat-backed, wood, and has no installation hardware. I need to affix it to the curved inner surface of the barrel in a way that can hold a substantial amount of weight (5 bottles of wine + the wine rack). I could drill screws into the top of the wine rack through the top of the barrel, but not only will they be clearly visible, I bet that will also fail to hold much weight. The second problem is that the barrel's curved nature forces the wine rack further from it, so the wine rack has to be quite far forward in the barrel with very few points of contact. Is there a type of joiner or some such that I should fasten to the wine rack and then to the barrel?

Thank you so much!