Woodworking Network readers are paying more heed to combustible dust issues. Three of the 10 most viewed items in April 2010 were a suspected combustible dust explosion at Wood-Mode, a  blog about OSHA's heightened interest of ComDust in the workplace and a fire reportedly preceded by two explosions that destroyed a Pennsylvania sawmill. 

The April Top 10 is based on a Google Analytics report ranking of WoodworkingNetwork.com items that had the most page views between April 1 and April 30, 2010.

Suspected ComDust explosion idles production at Wood-Mode

Fortunately no one was hurt when a sawdust silo exploded shortly after midnight April 13 at Wood-Mode’s cabinet plant in Kreamer, PA. The blast reportedly flung the heavy lid of the 75-foot silo 100 yards, landing on top of an employee’s Crown Victoria. Wood-Mode was back in production one day later. (Posted 4-15-10)

2 Masco to close RTA cabinet plant in Waverly, OH
Masco Corp. announced it will cease production of ready-to-assemble cabinets and close the massive Mill’s Pride plant in Waverly, OH, by the first quarter of 2011. The plant accounted for about $200 million in product sales in 2009.
(Posted 4-27-10)

Follow-up Report: Ohio governor seeks buyer for Mill's Pride plants  (Posted 4-30-10) 

"It has a secret drawer triggered by an elaborate mechanism
that would make Rube Goldberg smile."

 If Rube Goldberg Built a Wall Unit…

Brian Grabski’s YouTube video of a secret drawer triggered by an elaborate mechanism drew tons of attention from readers. Grabski of Design and Made in Minneapolis, said of bookcase featuring the lock mechanism, “(It) requires you to pull open each of the visible drawers before a hidden control springs out and allows you to trigger the secret compartment built into what looks like normal moulding. To make things more complex, each of the drawers must be pulled out to a certain point before the latches they control slide out of the way, similar to how the pins in a regular lock work.” (Posted 4-21-10)

10 Common Wood Finishing Problems
Tim Woolery of Gemini Coatings provided this checklist of 10 problems to avoid in the finishing department. The list runs the gamut from blistering and bubbling to turbidity and yellowing. (Posted 3-19-10)

“We’re wondering like the rest of the community with
 what’s going on with American of Martinsville."
    - Martinsville City Manager Clarence Monday

Mystery shrouds Barcalounger plant closing
Production came to a sudden halt and employees were sent packing April 16 at Barcalounger’s U.S. motion furniture manufacturing plant in Martinsville, VA. Officials of American of Martinsville, parent company of Barcalounger, were not immediately available for comment, but later acknowledged that it would make a decision soon about the plant’s fate. Barcalounger also imports product and the company said the brand would remain viable. (Posted 4-23-10)

Follow-up Report: Barcalounger plant in doubt, but not brand (Posted 4-27-10)

6 $11,000 for a Bed?
You might think you are dreaming to hear of a bed costing that much, but that’s the price tag of the new Restino. The Restino is a high-tech marvel created by Simmons and Panasonic, with advise from a Japanese professor, to help insomniacs and heavy sleepers alike enjoy a more restful sleep. At the heart of the Restino is its “sleep environmental system,” consisting of interactive mood lighting, a 5-inch color LCD TV and a set of built-in speakers. These interconnected devices are activated by sensors built into the mattress. (Posted 4-14-10)

7 Digital Printing Creates a Furniture ‘Tatoo’
We’ve known for some time that the digital age is here, but it’s interesting to see the many areas it encompasses — literally. Digital printing for surface technologies is now being used to a greater extent in the woodworking industry. Digital printing technology offers endless opportunities for custom designs, on a wide variety of media. David Steranko, vice president for Anderson America Corp., “In terms of (woodworking) applications, it will be bigger than CNC routers.” (Posted 4-7-10)

8 Basswood: The Carver’s Hook
Known by many as a “soft” hardwood, basswood has long been a favorite with woodcarvers and music instrument makers since the Middle Ages. “The wood is lightweight, stable after seasoning, firm but soft in texture and resists splitting,” said Doug Newhouse, owner, of Newhouse Wood & Veneer in West Hartford, CT. “It has very little grain or no open pore making it widely accepted for elaborate carving.” (Posted 4-7-10)

"No matter how big or small your operation might be,
this issue is too real to be ignored"

Pardon Your ComDust
Editor-at-Large Rich Christianson posted this blog after attending a Combustible Dust Stakeholders Meeting convened in Chicago by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration. “An OSHA-mandated combustible dust standard in likely a year or two away, but that doesn’t mean the federal safety agency isn’t already applying increased pressure on manufacturers to clean up their plants.” (Posted 4-22-10)

"A nearby resident reported hearing two large
explosions at about 5:00 a.m."

 Fire destroys Pennsylvania sawmill 

Some of the same volunteer firefighters that had responded to the April 13 explosion of Wood-Mode, were called on a day later to combat a fire at the Walter Stuck Sawmill in nearby Snyder County. The fire destroyed the 36-year-old building and machinery housed in the structure. (Posted 4-15-10)


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Vance announces it will not produce a 2010 SIBO, focuses on 2011 WMS (Posted 4-1-10) 

Oshkosh Designs ‘Floors’ the Competition (Posted 4-7-10) 

Make IWF Part of Your 2010 Plans (Posted 4-6-10)


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