Fun videos, the "3-Man Coffee Table Ski Jump" and "How to Build a Leprachaun Trap," got the most views in March, but serious stuff like Weinig's bid to buy Holz-Her, table saw safety and  Masco's big entry into the DIY closets market, also garnered a lot of attention. The March Top 10 is based on a Google Analytics report ranking of items that had the most page views between March 1 and March 31, 2010.

Here they are, ranked 1-10, plus a nod to the next five.

1 Closet Works owner stars in funny furniture commercial

What happens when the president of a closet company guest stars in an Olympic-themed commercial for a furniture retailer? In addition to being good fun, the “3-Man Coffee Table Ski Jump” bit gets more views than anything else on Woodworking Network in March. The spot is “anchored” by Mike Carson of Closet Works of Elmhurst, IL. (Posted 3-2-10)

Illustration by S. Britt.
Leprechauns Beware! 
In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, WWN presented a video of a Leprechaun trap - made of wood, of course. (Posted 3-17-10)

3 Weinig makes offer to acquire Holz-Her 

Weinig AG’s interest in purchasing Holz-Her was a breaking news item sent out separately to WWN subscribers. Finalization of the deal, which is said to be imminent, would bring Holz-Her, manufacturer of one of the world’s best-known edgebander brands, under the Weinig, the world’s best-know name in moulders. (Posted 3-11-10)  

'How much more would you be willing
to pay for a safer table saw?'
What price table saw safety? 
Associate Editor Wade Vonasek wrote a blog based on a pair of related news items that had recently been posted on the WWN site. At the core of the blog and news was a $1.5 million award granted to a Massachusetts man who mangled his fingers on a table saw. The plaintiff’s lawyer claimed the design of the saw was unsafe and that the integration of “flesh detection technology” to the saw would have prevented the injury. (Posted 3-16-10)

Masco to offer DIY closet line, sold through Lowe’s 
Masco Retail Cabinet Group, North America’s largest seller of kitchen cabinets, announced plans to develop a line of affordable closet organization systems for the DIY market. The products, starting as low as $200, will be sold exclusively at Lowe’s. (Posted 3-24-10)

6 Locking the door with no key to throw away
Droves of closet, cabinet and furniture makers took a minute to watch this video demonstration of CompX Timberline’s new StealthLock taken at the 2010 Closets Expo in Long Beach, CA. The StealhLock is an invisible, keyless locking system for wood cabinetry used in kitchens, closets, institutions, healthcare and more. (Posted 3-24-10)

7 Woodworkers who love their pets
Posted: 3-23-10 WWN asked woodworkers to send us photos of their four-legged friends who roam their shops. Our first class of Shop Pets included dogs, cats, a fawn and even a chicken! (Posted 3-23-10) 

8 The tree of life 
These incredible wood doors crafted by Tortorelli Creations Inc. for a California church, feature a hand mosaic of the Tree of Life overlaid on the Waters of Life. The approximately 26,000 mosaic pieces are box elder burl, pressure-dyed through 100 percent. (Posted 2-9-10)

9 C.R. Onsrud routers at NexGen 
This video taken at C.R. Onsrud’s showroom during the February NexGen Event in North Carolina, showcase the many uses of CNC routers, including nesting cabinet parts and carving intricate 3-D decorative pieces. (Posted 2-18-10) 

10 Woodworker turns reclaimed wood into studio furniture 
It’s déjà vu all over again. This case study about furniture maker and wood salvager Adam Hughes also ranked No. 10 for views in February. Hughes, president of Juggernaut Woodworking of Camano Island, WA, got started turning firewood into tables that he called “puzzle tops.” . Instead, Hughes bought a scroll saw and took the rejected wood out of the firewood pile, turning it into tables that he called “puzzle tops.”  (Posted 2-10-10)

Honorable Mentions
11 SawStop-type technology at center of table saw controversy (News Item Posted 3-14-10)
12 An open letter to IWF and AWFS Fair officials (Guest Blog Posted 3-10-10) 

13 Move over iPad, here comes the iTable  (Editor's Blog Posted 3-31-10)
14 Who let the dogs out? Introducing Woodshop Pets  (Editor's Blog Posted 3-18-10)

15 Holz-Her Dynestic ‘Sweeper’ at 2010 NexGen  (Video Posted 2-18-10)

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