The Top 10 list of most viewed items on WoodworkingNetwork in February runs the gamut from the lighter side of how to unflip a plywood truck and the inspired design of a nested RTA plywood bike to technology highhights at NexGen and advice for battling the recession.


  Plywood in the News: Panels all over the highway and other tales 
An 18-wheeler flipped on Interstate 10 Tuesday afternoon in Beaumont, TX, spilling its cargo of plywood all over the highway, according to the Beaumont Enterprise. One of the paper’s reporters shot a video showing how emergency crews got the flatbed truck back on its wheels. (Posted 2-17-10)

  RTA plywood bike - how cool is that? 
French design student Nicolas Belly’s creative entry won second place in L’argus design competition under the title, “Less is more: traveling in the era of simplicity.” The basic concept of the L’argus contest is for college-level European design students to invent a vehicle that is useful to society. (Posted 2-6-10)

3  Wood makes a stand at 2010 Olympics 
The 23 podiums used in the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games were constructed from 18 wood types native to British Columbia. The wood podiums, along with 84 medal trays, were built by team at the University of British Columbia’s Centre for Advanced Wood Processing.  (Posted 2-15-10)

4  How to prepare your woodworking business for an economic turnaround
I want to remind everyone in the world, those who never saw this photo and those of us who did, that it is time to get up and get out of the bunker. It is time to stop bemoaning the stupidity and arrogance of the past decade. It is time to determine ways to restart the engines that drive our economy in good times and break with the bad faith of institutions that have historically served us well. (Posted 2-10-10) 

5  Delmac Rapid Case Construction demo at 2010 NexGen 
At NexGen, Delmac Machinery Group’s President John Park and others demonstrated the company’s lean flow layout for Rapid Case Construction. The lean cell incorporates nesting, boring and dowelling, banding and clamping for case assembly in just minutes. (Posted 2-18-10)

Zebrawood: A dashing figure 
Zebrawood, so named for its distinctive color markings, is native to West Africa, primarily in Gabon and Cameroon. The pattern makes zebrawood ideal for dashboards and guitars. (Posted 2-3-10)

7  New and integrated machines featured at NexGen 
New developments in technology shared the stage with integrated manufacturing cells and standalone machine operations at the 2010 NexGen Event, which began Monday, Feb. 8 and runs through Friday, Feb. 12, at 10 participating companies in North Carolina. (Posted 2-9-10)

8  Central Florida company bucks the recession 
Last year saw the downsizing or closure of many woodworking companies. Yet despite the struggles faced by many in the industry, A Ward Design located in Winter Haven, FL, had a successful 2009 and moved up 20 spots on Wood & Wood Products’ WOOD 100 list. (Posted 2-2-10)

9  Slithering into a new niche 
As far as niche markets go, Mt. Clemens, MI-based JB Cutting Inc. has certainly found an unusual and virtually untapped one: making melamine racks to house snakes for SnakeByteTV. (Posted 2-9-10) 

10 Woodworker turns reclaimed wood into studio furniture 
Juggernaut is defined as an unstoppable force. So when Adam Hughes decided to enter the world of custom woodworking using sustainable materials, he thought the name was a good choice for his company name, as well as representing his dream of things to come. Hughes says he hopes to grow the Camano Island, WA, business, Juggernaut Woodworking, into a cooperative of like-minded custom woodworkers intent on using reclaimed woods. For now, he works alone and says he is “totally green.” (Posted 2-10-10)

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