Wood & Wood Products takes a look at some of the saw blades available today.

Forrest Mfg.’s new two-piece fingerjoint set is specifically designed for cutting fingerjoints, rabbets and square bottom grooves without scoring or chipping. It consists of two reversible, interlocking 8-in. blades with 24 teeth each and a standard 5/8-in. bore. The blades can be reversed to make 1/4- and 3/8-in. cuts. High-grade carbide tips, hand-straightening and proprietary grinding techniques ensure precision cutting and a long life between sharpening, the company says. (800) 733-7111, www.forrestblades.com, CIRCLE 129

CMT USA’s new rip blade, from the 203 Series, is suitable for glue line rips in hard and soft woods due to the new triple-chip tooth design. An anti-kickback shoulder behind each tooth minimizes the possibility of dangerous kickbacks that can occur with overfeeding, CMT says. The blade is suitable for hand or power feeding. (888) 268-2487, www.cmtusa.com, CIRCLE 130

Integra Tooling has a new and expanded line of industrial panel saw blades, manufactured to extremely tight tolerances for long tool-life, according to the company. Features include hardened, fully-tensioned saw bodies (plates) for flatness and zero run-out, extra large, micro-5 super-hard micro-grain carbide teeth and more. Blades are available for Gabbiani, Giben, Holz-Her, Holzma, SCMI, Schelling, Selco and other panel saws. (800) 633-6312, www.integratooling.com, CIRCLE 131

Charles G. G. Schmidt & Co. Inc. carries a large selection of 10-in. and 12-in. diameter low noise, laser cut saw blades. Manufactured on laser cut plates, the blades cut long and smooth while generating less noise than conventional blades, the company says. Blades for ripping, cross cutting, laminates and solid surface materials are available. Many tooth configurations also are available. (800) 724-6438, www.cggschmidt.com, CIRCLE 132

Saber Diamond Tools manufactures a wide variety of diamond cutting tools for the woodworking industry. The company says it has computerized tracking of each tool order and can offer customers custom tooling, as well as off-the-shelf standards. (888) 240-4324, www.saberdiamond.com, CIRCLE 133

Leitz Tooling introduces the improved design Razor Cut panel saw blades. The design allows for finish quality without “saw-marks” directly off the panel saw, while the irregular tooth pitch, optimized carbide grade and special coating that reduce pitch build-up benefit performance and increase productivity, according to the company. The blades are readily available as stock, with standard sizes that range from 250mm to 520mm in diameter. (888) 638-8099, www.leitztooling.com, CIRCLE 134

GUHDO’s multi-purpose saw blade, ENDUROmax, is designed for cutting abrasive materials, such as laminate flooring, cement fibreboard, MDF and high pressure laminate, plexi-glass, aluminium and solid surface, according to the company. The blade features a special carbide grade to deliver increased tool life and excellent finish, Gudho says. (800) 544-8436 , www.guhdo.com, CIRCLE 135

The LU80 saw blade from Freud Tools provides chip-free edges in veneered plywoods, fine mouldings, melamine, laminates and crosscuts in solid woods. It features laser-cut, anti-vibration slots that reduce the vibrations that resonate in standard blades, according to the company. The blades are available with either Perma-Shield coating or Silver I.C.E. (800) 334-4107, www.freudtools.com, CIRCLE 136

In addition to specializing in router bits for woodworking, Onsrud Cutter also offers saw blades for cutting plastic materials. Features of the 70-400 series include laser cut bodies for accurate cutting, laser cut expansion slots to reduce harmonic vibration, and a laser cut and polished bore for true centering of the blade. The company says that the design of the series results in cool, clean cutting without chipping or melting. (800) 234-1560, www.onsrud.com, CIRCLE 137

The XL 4000 carbide-tipped blade by FS Tool is engineered for high performance and provides a clean cut over its extended lifespan, according to the company. (888) 387-9723, www.fstoolcorp.com, CIRCLE 138

Bull Sharpening Service provides sharpening and retipping service, as well as supplies woodworking tools. The company represents a broad range of manufacturers and can supply high-speed, brazed or insert carbide cutting tools plus abrasive sheets, belts and discs. It also can duplicate inserts in carbide or Tantung and can resharpen inserts. (708) 386-2365, www.bullsharp.com, CIRCLE 139

Royce//Ayr makes a panel saw blade under the logo UltiMax. This newly developed saw blade is made from saw steel, straightened and tensioned to withstand induced stresses. All UltiMax blades are tipped with submicron chromium grades of carbide tips for extended life and non-corrosive qualities. (800) 959-5641, www.royceayr.com, CIRCLE 140

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