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Michael Weinig Inc.’s Powermat 400 has most of the features of the bigger wood working machines in a smaller package. With the Weinig Memory System that comes standard and the PowerLock technology, the Powermat 400 is quick and easy to set up, the company says. There are four spindle configurations available, with five to seven spindles. A new PowerLock cutterhead concept with larger tool diameter and lighter weight permits a cutting speed of 6,000 rpm. (704) 799-0100, www.weinigusa.com,CIRCLE 237

Woodstream Machinery says the Linares Model 4000 Series moulder is designed for high-speed jointed and non-jointed moulder applications. These wood working machines feature cast-iron construction and are available with up to seven heads. Woodstream Machinery is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mereen-Johnson Machine Co. and is the exclusive marketing agent, providing sales, service and parts support for Linares products in North America. (612) 302-3390, www.woodstreammachinery.com,CIRCLE 238

AWMV Industrial Products’ moulders are available with four, five and six spindles. Each moulder comes with many options, including universal heads. The company offers training and support, including toll-free telephone lines that go directly to a technician. The company says parts are available in stock and usually can be shipped within hours. (800) 522-5705, www.awmv.com, CIRCLE 239

Baker Products introduces the BL6-23 4-sided, 6-head spindle moulder. According to the company, it is compactly constructed and offers a powerful cutting capability and centralized control panel. It can process material from 3/4-inch to 9-inch wide and 1/4-inch to 4-15/16-inch thick. The machine comes equipped with individual motors for each of the six moulding spindles, pneumatic pressure, easy-feed speed control and a variable-feed speed drive. (800) 548-6914, www.baker-online.com, CIRCLE 240

U.S. Concepts Inc. offers the FAS-HD Universal arch moulder for curved and straight mouldings. It cuts curved profiles by using a unique floating feed system that registers on the outside edge of the curved blank. The machine can accommodate moulding heads straight from a moulder. (630) 268-9117, www.usconceptsinc.com, CIRCLE 241

The LMC Super Thundermac High Speed Planer-Moulders, from Leadermac USA, achieve speeds of up to 800 or 1,000 fpm with a 6-inch by 9-inch or 6-inch by 12-inch capacity. The units are available with one to 10 heads, and include a touch-screen control panel, a headset control with the sizes for up to 5,000 patterns and a digital position readout. (866) 522-6835, www.leadermacusa.com, CIRCLE 242

Mereen-Johnson’s Model 900-M Versa-Moulder is designed for the production of straight, curved and irregular shaped mouldings. The wood working machine also is suitable for short production runs of straight moulding. The moulder’s features include: a precision, 10-hp arbor motor with 360° tilt capability; a spindle built to order with up to 9 inches of tooling space; a large tabletop with large and small removable inserts; and cast-iron and steel weldment construction. (888) 465-7297, www.mereen-johnson.com, CIRCLE 243

Mikron Woodworking Machiney’s M652R horizontal spindle moulder, with a vertical router system, forms complex mouldings safely and accurately, the company says. The variable-speed motor and precise tracking system can create circular, elliptical and straight mouldings, stair parts, curved crowns and more. (800) 496-4589, www.mikronmachinery.com, CIRCLE 244

Adwood Corp. offers the 5-speed Casolin F90 K spindle moulder. The sturdy construction makes it highly resistant to torsion and bending, and its base of steel and reinforced concrete provides superior oscillation absorption and noise resistance, the company says. There are four models available, two of which come equipped with a slide table mounted on a two-position tenoning slide saddle. (336) 884-1846, www.adwood.com, CIRCLE 245

According to SCM Group USA Inc., the Superset XL, Superset Class and Topset XL now offer more versatility, flexibility and performance. The moulders feature HSK Technology that reduces downtime and improves the quality of the finished products, as well as the Mobile 10 electronic control unit, a new generation of touch-screen numerical control units that can control either power-driven axes or position-bearing axes. (800) 292-1850, www.scmgroup-usa.com, CIRCLE 246

SK-USA Inc. offers a full line of moulder and grinding accessories, including knife stock, bed lube and cutterheads. SK-USA says it now has available template and grinding services, providing quality service at competitive prices. (319) 232-1926, www.skusainc.com, CIRCLE 247

A variety of 4- to 9-spindle moulders with any combination of head positions are available from Lobo Machinery Corp. The moulders feature solid cast-iron construction for increased stability, as well as a total-enclose cover, auto-feed magazine and short stock mechanism. Additionally, the wood working machines are available with push or throughfeed, variable-feed speed, digital control of the cutter position, high-speed spindles and 6-inch- to 12-inch-width capacity. (626) 369-6500, www.lobomachine.com, CIRCLE 248

According to Wilke Machinery Co. Inc., the Bridgewood Model CM-767 6-spindle, 4-sided moulder is a full-featured, throughfeed moulder. Features include a 9-inch by 5-inch moulding capacity, a variable speed feed of 17 to 65 fpm and 7,200 rpm spindles. Additional features include a full coverage sound cover/safety enclosure, split air pressure adjustment for infeed rollers and ISO-9002 motor. (800) 235-2100, www.wilkemachinery.com, CIRCLE 249

The W&H Model 206 moulder, from Williams & Hussey Machine Co., has vari-feed and multipass features to provide the operator with much more versatility while increasing capacity, the company says. In addition, the new guide system makes the wood working machine more user-friendly, the company adds. Like the original model, the 206 is capable of producing straight, round top mouldings and, with an elliptical jig, elliptical mouldings as well. (603) 433-0295, www.williamsnhussey.com, CIRCLE 250

The Kentwood moulders, available from Stiles Machinery Inc., feature a sturdy, high-quality machine design. The Professional Series, the Kentwood M409, M509 and M609, is designed for first-time moulder buyers. The Advanced Series, the Kentwood M509X and M609X, is for companies with existing moulders and the need for more high-end features. The Elite Series, the Kentwood M609HD and M612HD, is designed specifically for entry door manufacturers and industrial applications. (616) 698-7500, www.stilesmachinery.com, CIRCLE 251

The Sprinter Series Molders from Extrema feature 4- and 5-head models with 7,200 rpm spindles and 18 to 65 fpm feed speeds. The wood working machines have a capacity for stock that is 9-inches wide and 5-inches tall. Additional features include replaceable chrome bed plates, digital readouts at each spindle and motorized pressure feed elevation. (877) 398-7362, www.extremausa.com, CIRCLE 252

Silver Machine Inc.’s four-sided moulder is available with four to six spindles and features a 2-meter-long, hard chrome-plated table. The moulder accommodates a maximum 6-inch working height, with a maximum 100 fpm feed speed. The spindle speed is 6,200 rpm, and the tool diameter range is 108 to 200mm, according to the company. (905) 881-2293, www.silvermachineinc.com, CIRCLE 253

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