CAD/CAM software is an essential tool in today’s woodworking plant. The software not only makes it possible to conceptualize and design a project, but also to have it produced to specifications.

What follows is information on some of the programs available in the marketplace. For a full listing of woodworking software suppliers, check out the computer software category at

 What’s New in CAD/CAM
20-20 Technologies: GenPost
What’s New in CAD/CAM
Delcam: ArtCAM Express
What’s New in CAD/CAM
Mastercam: Router X5
What’s New in CAD/CAM
Microvellum: CabinetMaker V7
What’s New in CAD/CAM
Planit: Alphacam 2011 R2
What’s New in CAD/CAM
VectorArt 3D: Sampler Pack

Planit says its Alphacam 2011 R2 CAD/CAM software offers many new features including a new Geometry Query Manager, improved parallel and flat area 3D machining strategies, automatic work plane ordering and adaptive feed rate support for Z contour roughing. It also includes the extraction of solid edge for sawing, an editable spline/polyline tool path support, auto 3D lead-in/out during the cut spline/polyline process, and enhancements to the AutoStyles and CAD to CAM add-ins. (800) 461-2015,

Mastercam Router X5 CAD/CAM software is designed to deliver faster and more efficient programming. According to Mastercam, Automatic Toolpathing (ATP) improvements and block drill support combine with new enhancements to improve shop floor productivity. Other features include the ability to support solid operations, “smart” hybrid finishing and hybrid leftover machining. (800) 228-2877,

20-20 says its GenPost universal post processor is ideal for 2 and 3-1/2 axis machining. The easy-to-use machine setup allows users to control tool assignment, machining sequences and split operations across different machines from a single source, with just a click. 20-20 adds any size manufacturer can use GenPost to simplify the CNC programming process, speed up time-to-market and reduce costs and errors. (888) 216-1844,

Delcam has released 10 new modules for its ArtCAM Express software for woodworking, routing and engraving. The modules are designed to enable users to meet specific needs without having to fully upgrade to the more advanced ArtCAM Insignia or ArtCAM Pro programs. Three add design functionality, six increase the machining options and the 10th allows import of data from a range of high-end CAD formats, including IGES and STEP. (877) 335-2261

Microvellum says its CabinetMaker V7 and ClosetMaker V7 programs provide an easy-to-use front end solution for designers and include the power and performance needed for manufacturing. The Version 7 software allows the user to design products and lay out rooms within a familiar, yet easy-to-use AutoCAD 2011 interface, Microvellum says. Changes to designs on the fly are easily made to create photo realistic presentation renderings for clients. (800) 204-0913,

The Sampler Pack from VectorArt 3D is a new collection of CNC-ready clipart. The Sampler Pack contains a mix of 20 models in three styles — raised, dished and recessed — for 60 files in total. Each one comes as an STL, V3M or RLF file and can be scaled for different applications. (607) 215-4923,

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