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T.L.T. Industries Inc.
Ste-Monique, QC G0W 2T0
Tel: 418-347-3355
Products: Cabinet parts, drawer fronts, drawer sides, stiles & rails, blanks, edge-glued panels, butcher block, flooring, mouldings, laminated squares, stair treads, risers & spindles, newel posts, upholstered frame stock, lumber
Machining: Face sanding, tenoning

Talbott Lumber Co.
Belington, WV 26250
Tel: 304-823-2200
Products: Cabinet parts, drawer fronts & sides, casket parts, chair parts, blanks, dowels, edge-glued panels, flooring, lineal mouldings, mouldings, musical instrument parts, pins/plugs/knobs, squares, table parts, toy parts, upholstered frame stock, lumber
Machining: Assembly, boring, routing, face & edge sanding, shaping

Texas Doors
Dallas, TX 75237
Tel: 214-333-9300
Products: Cabinet doors, MDF doors
Machining: Mortising, face sanding, tenoning

Thompson Maple Products
Corry, PA  16407
Tel: 814-664-7717
Products: Dowels 7/8”-3”, large turning blanks 2-3/4” -4” diameter, tool handle blanks, musical instrument parts, baseball bat billets, cabinet parts, chair parts, stair parts, flooring, custom
specialty blanks
Machining: Dowelling, moulding, S4S, E4E, dowel sanding

Thos. Moser Cabinetmakers
Auburn, ME  04211
Tel: 207-753-9834
Products: Solid dimension
Machining: Cross cutting, ripping

Tilo Industries
Lewisburg, PA 17837
Tel: 570-524-9990
Products: Cabinet parts, drawer sides, stiles & rails, casket parts, chair parts, blanks, dowels, edge-glued panels, millwork, lineal mouldings, mouldings, rounds, solid & laminated squares, extra large laminated squares, hand rails, table tops

Timber Wolf Forest Products
Hudson, NC 28638
Tel: 828-728-7500
Products: Chair parts, blanks, S2S, S4S, E4E, dowels, edge-glued panels, bent plywood, squares, table bases, turnings, stair balusters, newel posts, cabinet components, carvings, furniture components, custom legs with no minimum quantity
Machining: Boring, carving, mortising, routing, face & edge sanding, shaping, notching, splitting

Trico Enterprises LLC
Millersburg, OH 44654
Tel: 502-239-1306
Products: Chair parts, blanks, mouldings, rounds, squares, staircase parts, risers & spindles, hand rails, newel posts, turnings, lumber

Valendrawers Inc.
Lexington, NC  27293
Tel: 336-956-2118
Products: Drawers, drawer components, blanks, DLV doors in foil and veneer, solid wood components, component assemblies

Valley Custom Door
DePere, WI 54115
Tel: 920-336-3174
Products: Cabinet doors, MDF door cores, cabinet parts, drawer fronts & sides, drawer boxes, stiles & rails, blanks, edge-glued panels, millwork, mouldings, wainscoting, wall paneling
Machining: Assembly, CNC machining, finishing, routing, face & edge sanding, shaping, tenoning

Wagner Millwork Inc.
Owego, NY  13827
Tel: 607-687-5362
Products: Width selected Kiln dried lumber: 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 8/4, blanks, S2S blanks

Walnut Creek Planing
Millersburg, OH  44654
Tel: 330-893-3244
Products: Chair seats & parts, S2S, S4S, E4E blanks, fingerjointed products, butcher block panels, rounds, squares, stair treads, risers, hand rails, newel posts
Machining: Fingerjointing, tenoning, moulding, gluing, sanding

WalzCraft Industries
La Crosse, WI  54502
Tel: 608-781-6355
Products: Custom cabinet doors, drawer fronts, dovetail drawer boxes, components, millwork

West Wood Products Inc.
Rancho Dominguez, CA 90221
Tel: 310-631-8978
Products: Drawer sides, plywood parts, bent plywood, particleboard parts
Machining: Boring, CNC boring, CNC machining, finishing, face & edge sanding

Weyerhaeuser Hardwoods & Industrial Products
Portland, OR 97223
Tel: 253-924-3223
Products: Cabinet doors & parts, chair parts, blanks, flooring, lumber, mouldings, plywood & veneered parts, stair parts, table parts, musical instrument parts, upholstered frame stock
Machining: CNC boring, CNC machining, CNC routing

Wheeland Lumber Co. Inc.
Liberty, PA 16930
Tel: 570-324-6042
Products: Drawer sides, stiles & rails, blanks, edge-glued panels, parquet flooring, strip flooring, millwork, mouldings, wainscoting, wall paneling, rounds, solid squares, lumber
Machining: Face sanding, tenoning

White County Moulding
Cleveland, GA  30528
Tel: 706-865-3166
Products: S4S, architectural mouldings, finger jointed blanks & mouldings, handrail, dimension stock, plank flooring, paneling, shutter components, hardwood lumber
Machining: Planing, gang ripping, straight line ripping, defecting, finger jointing, face & edge gluing, moulding, end matching

White River Hardwoods-Woodworks
Fayetteville, AR 72701
Tel: 479-442-6986
Products: Bendings, casket parts, mouldings, MonReale, embossed & hand carved decorative mouldings, fireplace mantels/surrounds, MDF mouldings, turnings, lumber

Wilson Hardwoods Inc.
Titusville, PA 16354
Tel: 814-827-0277
Tel: 218-751-3038
Products: Blanks, lumber

Wolf River Lumber Inc.
New London, WI  54961
Tel: 920-982-2542
Products: Cut-to-size blanks, lumber to 16/4, lineal mouldings

Wood Specialty Co. Inc.
Philadelphia, PA  19129
Tel: 215-483-5100
Products: Solid hardwood edge-glued panels, laminated squares, sports items, dartboards
Machining: Gluing, planing-finish, precision end trimming, resawing, sanding, ripping to width, CNC shaping

Woodcraft Inc.
Morristown, TN  37816
Tel: 423-581-5413
Products: Laminated squares, edge-glued panels, moulder blanks, mouldings, stair treads
Machining: Moulding, tenoning, gluing

Woodline Manufacturing
Eveleth, MN  55734
Tel: 812-471-1594
Products: Cabinet doors, cabinet parts, face frames, edge-glued panels, drawer fronts, mould-to-pattern mouldings, millwork, bed frames, moulder blanks
Machining: Moulding, gluing, CNC routing, shaping, sanding, tenoning, mortising, end trimming, pocket screw assemblies

Yoder Lumber Co. Inc.
Millersburg, OH  44654
Tel: 330-893-3121
Products: Moulder blanks, edge-glued panels, squares, balusters, machined & semi-machined components, moulded parts, newel posts
Machining: Sanding, moulding, routing, CNC routing, gluing, surfacing

Young Mfg. Co.
Beaver Dam, KY  42320
Tel: 270-274-3306
Products: Stair treads, risers & related components, exterior wood & clad frames, exterior door sills

Young’s Furniture Mfg. Co.
Whitesburg, TN  37891
Tel: 423-235-6548
Products: Finished exposed parts for upholstery, cabinet components, furniture components, building product components, laminated squares, edge-glued panels, rough blanks, mouldings, dimension stock
Machining: Moulding, CNC routing, shaping, tenoning, boring, carving, sanding, laminating, gluing, turning, finishing/staining

Zamma Corp.
Orange, VA  22960
Tel: 540-672-5200
Products: Profile wrapped furniture components, veneer, PVC thermo foils, furniture foils
Machining: Moulding and profile wrapping, cut-to-size

Zelazoski Wood Products
Antigo, WI 54409
Tel: 800-240-0974
Products: Lineal mouldings, musical instrument parts, toy parts, turnings
Machining: Assembly, boring, CNC boring, CNC machining, finishing, routing, CNC routing, face & edge sanding, shaping, tenoning

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