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Kane Hardwood
Kane, PA 16735
Tel: 814-837-6941
Products: FSC Certified, rip stock, moulder blanks, flooring blanks, finger joint blanks, edge-glued panels, laminated posts, mouldings, cabinet frame parts
Machining: Ripping, cut-to-length, gluing, sanding, D.E.T., moulding, shaping, resawing

Keim Lumber Co.
Charm, OH 44617
Tel: 330-893-2251
Products: FSC certified, cabinet parts, drawer sides, stiles & rails, chair parts, blanks, edge-glued panels, lumber, millwork, mouldings, curved & radius mouldings, curved doors, plywood parts, squares, staircase parts
Machining: CNC boring, CNC Machining, finger jointing, CNC routing, sanding, shaping

Kendrick Forest Products
Edgewood, IA 52042
Tel: 563-928-6431
Products: KD lumber, dimension, kitchen & bath cabinets

Kingfield Wood Products
Kingfield, ME 04947
Tel: 207-265-2151
Products: Chair parts, casket parts, blanks, dowels, mouldings, musical instrument parts, pins, plugs & knobs, veneered parts, solid squares, risers/spindles, toy parts, turnings, custom designs, prototypes, novelties, flag sticks, skewers
Machining: Assembly, boring, finishing, routing, face & edge sanding, shaping, tenoning

Kitko Wood Products Inc.
Glen Hope, PA 16645
Tel: 814-672-3606
Products: Cabinet doors, drawer fronts & sides, drawer boxes, stiles & rails, chair parts, blanks, edge-glued panels, butcher block, mouldings, veneered parts, rounds, squares, table tops & bases, turnings
Machining: Routing, CNC routing, face & edge sanding, shaping, tenoning

Kretz Lumber Co. Inc.
Antigo, WI 54409
Tel: 715-623-5410
Products: Edge-glued panels, cut stock, S4S, flooring blanks, finger joint, mouldings
Machining: Planing, ripping, chop saws, optimizing chop, sanding, gluing, industrial finger jointer, moulding

Lambton Mfg. Ltd.
Lambton, QC G0M 1H0
Tel: 418-486-7451
Products: Hardwood components, stair parts, edge-glued panels, squares, dimension parts, blanks, mouldings
Machining: Kiln drying, rough cut mill, edge & face gluing, double end tenoning, finger jointing, moulding, shaping, turning, planing, CNC routing, sanding

Lauber Mfg. Co.
Archbold, OH 43502
Tel: 419-445-7550
Products: Hardwood components, mouldings, S4S, S2S, with or without tenons Including step tenons, door frames, cut-to-size blanks
Machining: Tenon, mould, miter, cope, mortise, boring, edge & face gluing, rout, shape, CNC, sanding

Lewis Lumber Products
Picture Rocks, PA 17762
Tel: 570-584-4460
Products: FSC-certified mouldings & lumber, custom profile mouldings, ripped moulder blanks, chop to length mouldings
Machining: Color scan optimize rip, S2S, rip 1 edge, chopping, optimized chopping, moulding

Marsh Lumber Co.
Pamplico, SC  29583
Tel: 843-493-5111
Products: Dimension stock, cabinet doors
Machining: Planing, moulding

Meeder’s Dimension & Lumber Products
Mancelona, MI 49659
Tel: 231-587-8611
Products: Drawer fronts & sides, blanks, edge-glued panels, butcher block, millwork, wall paneling, mouldings, laminated squares
Machining: Custom kiln drying, face sanding, straight line rip, double-end tenoning, gluing, chopping, gang-rip, rough surfacing sawing

Menominee River Lumber & Dimension
Menominee, MI  49858
Tel: 906-863-2682
Products: Custom hardwood dimension, window & door components, cut-to-size blanks, edge & face glued panels, butcher block tops, edge-banded plywood parts
Machining: Planing, ripping, chopping, gluing, sanding, trimming, boring, edge-banding, panel sawing

Meridian Products
New Holland, PA 17557
Tel: 717-355-7700
Products: Cabinet doors, solid wood doors, MDF doors & door cores, cabinet parts, drawer fronts & sides, drawer boxes, stiles & rails, mouldings, fireplace mantels/surrounds, wainscoting
Machining: Boring, finishing, mortising, routing, face & edge sanding, shaping, tenoning

Michigan Chair Co.
Howard City, MI  49329
Tel: 231-937-4367
Products: Solid wood steam bending
Machining: Custom steam bending

Middle Tennessee Lumber Co.
Burns, TN  37029
Tel: 615-446-3461
Products: Mouldings, moulding blanks ripped to width
Machining: Planing, ripping, moulding

Mi-Lin Wood Products
Paoli, IN  47454
Tel: 812-723-3799
Products: Dovetail drawer boxes, drawer parts, glued solid wood panel stock, frame stock, cleat stock, cut-to-length & random, flooring
Machining: Wide belt sanding, moulding, boring, tenoning UV finishing, assembly

Miller Wood Designs
Sugarcreek, OH  44681
Tel: 330-852-0689
Products: Laminated squares, stair treads, edge-glued panels, specialty turnings
Machining: Moulding, planing, sanding, CNC turning lathe

Moslow Wood Products
Powhatan, VA  23139
Tel: 804-598-5579
Products: Edge-glued panels, plywood parts, particleboard parts, toy parts, custom wood parts for the award and advertising specialty industries
Machining: Laser engraving, boring, CNC machining, finishing, routing, CNC routing, face & edge sanding, shaping

Nickell Moulding Co.
Elkhart, IN  46515
Tel: 574-264-3129
Products: Picture frame mouldings, architectural mouldings
Machining: Wrapping, foil, Compo embossing, paint & stain finishing

Nicobois Inc.
Nicolet, QC  J3T 1T5
Tel: 819-293-4660
Products: Chairs, chair parts
Machining: All CNC, high and low volume orders

North Country Lumber
Mellen, WI 54546
Tel: 715-274-4311
Products: Cabinet parts, drawer fronts, stiles & rails, blanks, strip flooring, mouldings, wainscoting, wall paneling, stair treads, table tops, lumber
Machining: Face & edge sanding, shaping

Northland Corp.
LaGrange, KY  40031
Tel: 502-222-2535
Products: Blanks, S2S, lumber to 16/4
Machining: Surfacing, straight line ripping

Northland Forest Products Inc.
Shakopee, MN  55379
Tel: 952-445-9663
Products: Dimensional S4S boards: 1/2, 4/4, 5/4, 8/4, custom-sized S4S, architectural mouldings, primed finger jointed S4S boards, mouldings, flooring
Machining: Full rough mill, sanding, resawing, fingerjointing, moulding

O.B. Milling
Spring Church, PA 15686
Tel: 724-478-1935
Products: Cabinet doors, cabinet parts, drawer fronts, drawer sides, drawer boxes, stiles & rails, blanks, edge-glued panels, millwork, mouldings, rounds, squares, stair parts, treads, handrails, table tops & bases, lumber
Machining: Assembly, face sanding, shaping

Osborne Wood Products
Toccoa, GA 30577
Tel: 706-886-1065
Products: Lineal mouldings, mouldings, table bases, turnings, extra large turnings

Paladin Industries Inc.
Kentwood, MI 49512
Tel: 616-698-7495
Products: Cabinet doors, RTF doors, chair parts & seats, PB parts, table parts & tops, RTF tops, laminated PB & MDF, office furniture, store fixtures, automotive parts
Machining: Sub-assembly, CNC boring, 3 & 5 axis CNC machining, CNC routing, sanding-edge

Patrick Industries Inc.
Elkhart, IN 46515
Tel: 574-294-7511
Products: Cabinet doors, RTF doors, MDF doors, cabinet parts, drawer fronts & sides, stiles & rails, blanks, edge-glued panels, lineal mouldings, mouldings, MDF mouldings, plywood parts, particleboard parts, veneered parts, edgebanding, paper & vinyl laminated panels
Machining: Finishing, face & edge sanding, tenoning

Pendleton Door Co.
Pendleton, IN 46064
Tel: 765-778-4164
Fax: 765-778-7240
Products: Cabinet doors, drawer fronts, stiles & rails, casket parts, blanks, edge-glued panels, butcher block, millwork, fireplace mantels/surrounds, wainscoting
Machining: CNC machining, mortising, face & edge sanding, shaping

Penn Wood Products Inc.
East Berlin, PA  17316
Tel: 717-259-9551
Products: Prefinished mouldings, unfinished mouldings, stair treads & risers, lumber
Machining: Moulding, equalizing, end matching, finishing

Phoenix Mfg. of Georgia
Villa Rica, GA 30180
Tel: 770-459-5255
Products: RTA furniture components, laminated panels with light weight papers, cabinet doors, closet melamine parts, MDF doors, cabinet parts, drawer fronts & sides, drawer boxes, casket parts, chair parts, MDF blanks, plywood parts, particleboard parts, veneered parts, MDF stair treads, table tops, toy parts, upholstered frame stock, OSB packaging components
Machining: Cut-to-size panel sawing, assembly, boring, CNC boring, CNC machining, routing, CNC routing, edgebanding, drilling, laminating

Precitech Intl. Inc.
Ste-Rose Watford, QC 
G0R 4G0
Tel: 418-267-4155
Products: Musical instrument parts, cut-to-size, sport flooring 22mm fingerjointed, pre-oiled flooring

Roland Boulanger/Lega
Warwick, QC J0A 1M0
Tel: 819-358-4100
Products: Decorative wood mouldings, millwork, components
Machining: Fingerjointing, moulding, precision end cut, drilling, bar coding, priming, embossing, wrapping vinyl, paper, wood veneer

S. F. Spector Inc.
Harrisburg, PA  17110
Tel: 717-236-0805
Fax: 717-236-1215
Products: Office furniture, exterior architectural millwork, prehung solid entrance doors, curved mouldings, millwork
Machining: S4S up to 6” x 18”, S2S up to 10” x 10”, moulding up to 5” x 9”, CNC machining center

Salem Frame Co. Inc.
Salem, VA  24153
Tel: 540-389-8661
Products: Dimension, edge-glued panels, furniture frames
Machining: Trimming, boring, dowelling, sanding, profiling, custom kiln drying

Sanford-Lussier Inc.
Huntington Park, CA  90255
Tel: 323-585-2811
Products: Hardwood mouldings, flooring, stair products
Machining: Rip sawing, planing, moulding, gluing, finger jointing, cut line, resawing

Sawyer Bentwood
Whitingham, VT  05361
Tel: 802-368-2357
Products: Solid wood steam bendings, dowels, bent spindles, solid wood edge bands
Machining: Moulding, doweling, bending

Schafer Woodworks Inc.
Tecumseh, MI  49286
Tel: 517-423-4661
Products: Moulded components, glue staves, flooring
Machining: Gang ripping, moulding, precision cut-to-length

Sears Trostel Lumber Co.
Ft. Collins, CO  80524
Tel: 970-482-0222
Products: custom solid wood mouldings, S4S cabinet components, profiled cabinet components
Machining: Moulding, gang ripping, cut-to-length

Simon Lussier Ltee
Blainville, QC  J7C 3V5
Tel: 450-435-6591
Products: Blanks, S2S, lumber to 12/4

Sparta Woodworks
Sparta, TN  38583
Tel: 931-738-1896
Products: Furniture components for chairs, tables, desks; turnings, mouldings, lumber, specialty products
Machining: Assembling, boring, finishing, mortising, moulding, routing, sanding, shaping, tenoning, turning, CNC machining

Spring Hollow Woodshop
Paradise, PA 17562
Tel: 610-593-0321
Fax: 610-593-0296
Products: Chair parts, turnings, custom cabinetry

St. Croix Valley Hardwoods
Luck, WI  54853
Tel: 715-472-2131
Products: Edge-glued panels, dovetailed drawer parts, drawer fronts, stiles, rails, face frames, mouldings, flooring, paneling
Machining: Ripping, surfacing, gluing, moulding, boring, end matching, sanding, shaping

States Industries Inc.
Eugene, OR  97401
Mocksville, NC 27028
Tel: 541-688-7871
Products: Components produced from veneered panel goods including prefinished drawer sides and assemblies, shelves, carcass components, slab doors and tops
Machining: Full panel processing, edge banding, dowel insertion, finishing

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