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A. Lewis Mfg. Co.
Baltimore, MD 21211
Tel: 410-467-2212
Products: Crow moulding including rope, dentil, egg & dart, and beaded, embossed wood mouldings, cut dentil mouldings, turned rope mouldings, rosettes, fluted rails with rosettes. Custom turning services including finials, table legs, island legs, split turnings, plain fluted and reeded columns. Columns available up to 12’ x 12’.

Abenaki Timber Corp.
Kingston, NH 03848
Tel: 603-642-3304
Products: Blanks, S2S, S4S, lumber

Accurate Millworks Inc.
Princeton, WV 24740
Tel: 800-425-2810
Products: Cabinet parts, drawer fronts & sides, drawer boxes, stiles & rails, blanks, edge-glued panels, strip flooring, mouldings, wainscoting, wall paneling, musical instrument parts, solid squares, stair treads, risers & spindles, hand rails, newel posts
Machining: CNC machining, embossing, fingerjointing, finishing, face & edge sanding

Allegheny Dimension LLC
Petersburg, WV 26847
Tel: 304-257-9513
Products: Edge-glued panels, cut-to-size blanks, squares, moulding & millwork, CNC parts, stair parts, cabinet doors & parts, drawer boxes
Machining: Rip, chop, mould, glue, shape, CNC

American Walnut Co.
St. Joseph, MO 64501
Tel:  816-232-6781
Products: Dimensional components, flooring blanks, special width and length sorts in lumber, furniture squares
Machining: S2S, S4S, straight line ripping, gang ripping

American Wood Working
Montello, WI 53949
Tel: 608-297-2131
Products: Dowels, plugs, wedges, blocks, handles, knobs, legs, mouldings, balls, bases, rollers, spools
Machining: Turning, routing, dowel machine, boring, ripping, shaping, moulding

Ameridor Inc.
Montrose, CO 81402
Tel: 970-249-2616
Products: Cabinet doors, louver doors, louver/panel doors, cabinet parts, drawer fronts, stiles & rails, S4S blanks, edge-glued panels, millwork, fireplace mantels/surrounds, wainscoting, wall paneling, mouldings, staircase parts, stair treads, risers & spindles, hand rails, table parts & tops
Machining: Face sanding, louvers

Anderson Wood Products
Louisville, KY 40251
Tel: 502-778-5591
Products: Mouldings, edge-glued & laminated panels, laminated squares, stair rails, bed parts, cut-to-size blanks
Machining: Edge-gluing, lamination, fingerjointing, sanding, moulding, tenoning, boring, routing, shaping, profile sanding, sub & full assemblies, finishing

ANP Dimensional Lumber
Ogema, WI 54459
Tel: 715-767-5191
Products: Mouldings, architectural millwork, lineal mouldings, door components, stiles & rails, applied mouldings, veneer & solid door jambs, cabinet components, custom components, blanks, edge-glued panels, louvers, slats
Machining: Sanding

Associated Hardwood Products
Granite Falls, NC 28630
Tel: 828-396-3321

Atlas Dowel & Wood Products
Harrison, OH 45030
Tel: 513-202-9444
Products: Dowel rods, rope mouldings, turnings, long custom lengths, custom components, pegs, buttons, plugs
Machining: Slot, round, taper, tenon, point, end bore, cross bore, centerless grinding, lathe work, ripping, planing

Audubon Block Co.
Shelbyville, KY 40066
Tel: 502-633-5470
Products: Wood corner blocks, glue blocks, chair seat rails, custom wood components
Machining: Boring, cut-to-length, moulding, double end tenoning, assembly, band sawing, planing, ripping

Babcock Lumber Co.
Champion, PA 15622
Tel: 724-593-6124
Products: Custom mouldings, stiles & rails, edge-glued panels, stair parts, blanks, lumber
Machining: Planing, sanding, routing, moulding, gluing

Bernie McGlynn Lumber
Mildmay, ON N0G 2J0
Tel: 519-367-5789
[email protected]
Products: Lumber, dimension blanks, flooring, trim, moulding, casement
Machining: Ripping, chopping to length, moulding, end matching

Bertch Cabinet Mfg. Inc.
Waterloo, IA 50704
Tel: 319-296-2987
Products: Cabinets, cabinet doors, cabinet parts

BHK of America
Central Valley, NY 10917
Tel: 845-928-6200;
Products: Cabinet components, wood drawers, Durawrap drawers, plywood drawers, fronts, laminated flooring, decorative wall & ceiling systems

Bingaman & Son Lumber
Kreamer, PA 17833
Tel: 570-374-1108
Products: Cut-to-size blanks, S2S, S4S, 4/4 & 8/4 lumber

Blackstone Wood Products
Lenoir, NC 28645
Tel: 828-433-4747
[email protected]
Products: Stair treads, risers, return treads, starting steps, handrail, mouldings, flooring trim, landing tread, reducer, threshold, edge-glued panels, squares, curved plywood, chair parts, curved table parts, curved store fixtures
Machining: CNC routing, moulding, boring, sanding

Bois Nordex Inc.
Mont-Laurier, QC  J9L 2X2
Tel: 819-440-4600
Products: Blanks, cut-to-size, rough components, flooring, lumber

Bradford Dimension Specialties
Bradford, PA 16701
Tel: 814-368-3701
Products: Lineal mouldings, cut-to-size stiles & rails, door parts, face frame parts, edge-glued panels, drawer fronts
Machining: Double-end
tenoning, moulding, shaping, profile sanding

Brookville Wood Products
Brookville, PA 15825
Tel: 814-849-7331
Products: Dimension, S4S, squares, lamellas, baseball bat blanks
Machining: Planing, precision end trimming, profiling, gluing

Brown Wood Inc.
Lincolnwood, IL 60715
Tel: 800-328-5858
Products: Bendings, cabinet parts, drawer fronts & sides, drawer boxes, stiles & rails, casket parts, chair parts & seats, blanks, dowels, edge-glued panels, butcher block, millwork, mouldings, MDF mouldings, musical instrument parts, pins/plugs/knobs, plywood parts, bent plywood, particleboard parts, veneered parts, rounds, solid & laminated squares, hand rails, newel posts, table parts, table tops & bases, toy parts, turnings
Machining: Assembly, boring, CNC boring, carving, CNC machining, embossing, fingerjointing, finishing, mortising, routing, CNC routing, face & edge sanding, shaping, steam bending, tenoning

Bunkie Wood Products
Bunkie, LA 71322
Tel: 318-346-7224
Products: Furniture squares, rounds, mouldings, turnings, wood & plastic pallets
Machining: Moulding, turning, CNC routing

C. A. Spencer Inc.
Laval, QC H7P 1T2
Tel: 450-622-2420
Products: Blanks, lumber

Cabinet Components & Distribution Inc.
Sauk Centre, MN 56378
Tel: 320-352-5404
Products: Solid wood cabinet doors, MDF doors & cores, cabinet parts, drawer fronts & sides, drawer boxes, stiles & rails, blanks, edge-glued panels, lineal mouldings, fireplace mantels/surrounds, wainscoting, wall paneling, mouldings, particleboard parts, solid & laminated squares, stair treads, risers & spindles, hand rails, newel posts, table tops, edgebanding
Machining: Assembly, boring, CNC boring, CNC Machining, finishing, routing, CNC routing, face & edge sanding, shaping

CabParts Inc.
Grand Junction, CO 81505
Tel: 970-241-7682
Products: Cabinet boxes, drawer boxes, closet components, cut-to-size and fully machined components, ready for assembly
Machining: CNC point-to-point Machining, beam sawing, dowel insertion, edge banding

Carolina Drawers Inc.
Lexington, KY 27293
Tel: 336-357-0777
Products: Cabinet parts, drawer fronts, drawer sides, drawer boxes, casket parts
Machining: English dovetailing, boring, doweling, tenoning, finishing

Carving Craft Inc.
Hickory, NC 28601
Tel: 828-322-5625
Products: Chair parts, chair seats, blanks, edge-glued panels, lineal mouldings, fireplace mantels/surrounds, mouldings, musical instrument parts, solid & laminated squares, staircase parts, risers/spindles, hand rails, newel posts, table tops & bases, edgebanding, toy parts, turnings
Machining: Carving, CNC machining, routing, shaping

Catawissa Lumber & Specialty Co. Inc.
Catawissa, PA 17820
Tel: 570-356-2349
Products: Edge-glued panels, face laminated panels, face laminated squares, cut stock, moulder blanks, drawer parts, full range of cabinet components, stair parts, butcher block panels, lumber
Machining: Shaping, moulding, CNC point-to-point work, sanding, double end tenoning, boring, edge-sanding, shaping

CCF Industries
Apollo, PA 15613
Tel: 724-727-2045
Products: Custom dovetailed drawers

Central Hardwoods
Dallas, TX 75229
Tel: 972-241-3571
Products: S2S, S4S, E4E blanks, edge-glued panels, butcher block, strip flooring, lineal mouldings, wainscoting, paneling, mouldings, MDF mouldings, plywood parts, particleboard parts, rounds, squares, stair treads, hand rails, table tops, edge banding
Machining: CNC boring, CNC Machining, routing, CNC routing, planing, ripping, moulding, end profiling, gluing

Cherry Forest Products
Guelph, ON N1H 4G3
Tel: 519-763-1466

Churchtown Woodcraft
Narvon, PA 17555
Tel: 717-445-7988
[email protected]
Products: MDF doors, drawer fronts, chair parts, musical instrument parts, plywood parts, particleboard parts, stair treads, toy parts, upholstered frame stock
Machining: Assembly, boring, CNC boring, Carving, CNC machining, mortising, routing, CNC routing, face & edge sanding, shaping, tenoning, CNC tenoning

Cincinnati Dowel & Wood Products
Mt. Orab, OH  45154
Tel: 937-444-2502
Products: Wood dowels, turnings
Machining: Variety lathe turnings: 1/4” to 1-1/2” diameters, up to 3” in length

Conestoga Wood Specialties
East Earl, PA 17519
Tel: 717-445-6701
Products: Edge-glued panels, mouldings, doors, radius doors, mullion doors, miter doors, drawer fronts, drawer boxes, cutlery dividers, cutting boards, spice storage racks, knife storage racks, valances, filler strips, fluted filers, ready-to-assembly framed cabinetry
Machining: RF gluing, planning, gang ripping, moulding, tenoning, edge banding, shaping, miter sawing, chop sawing, assembly presses, sanding, finishing systems

Coulee Region Enterprises
Bangor, WI 54614
Tel: 608-486-2882
Products: Cabinet parts, cut-to-size blanks, edge-glued panels, millwork, mouldings, lumber, squares
Machining: Ripping, cross cutting, precision end trimming, wide belt sanding, moulding, drawer front profile shaping/sanding

Cox Moulding
Garrett, IN 46738
Tel: 260-357-6831
Products: Lineal mouldings, cabinet parts, drawer sides, stiles & rails, plywood parts, blanks
Machining: Edge & face sanding, finishing

Craftsman Wood Products
Delta, BC V4G 1C1
Tel: 604-940-8879
Products: Engineered wood components, cabinet parts, drawer fronts & sides, dovetail drawer boxes, stiles & rails, MDF door components, blanks, wall paneling, plywood parts, particleboard parts, veneered parts, rounds, table tops & bases, edgebanding, furniture parts, exercise equipment parts
Machining: Assembly, boring, CNC boring, CNC Machining, finishing, routing, CNC routing, shaping, tenoning

Crestwood Mfg. / I.H.C.
Paoli, IN 47454
Tel: 812-723-3159
Products: Turnings, casket corners, pool table legs, table pedestals & legs, roped & fluted turnings, mouldings, baluster & newel posts, profiled parts, exposed chair components
Machining: Band sawing, turning, peep-hole boring, conventional boring, sanding, shaping, profiling, routing, moulding, S/L ripping, finishing

Custom Moulding
Odon, IN 47562
Tel: 812-636-7110
Fax: 812-636-0044
Products: MDF cabinet doors & cores, stiles & rails, blanks, millwork, rope mouldings, embossed MDF mouldings, MDF mouldings, rosettes, stair parts, turnings
Machining: Embossing

Davibois Inc.
Windsor, QC J1S 3B8
Tel: 819-845-5950
Products: Cabinet parts, drawer fronts & sides, chair parts, S4S blanks, edge-glued panels, mouldings, squares, table tops & bases, toy parts, upholstered legs
Machining: Assembly, CNC machining, embossing, finishing, mortising, routing, CNC routing, face & edge sanding, shaping, tenoning

Decore-ative Specialties Inc.
Monrovia, CA 91016
Tel: 626-254-9191
Products: Custom cabinet doors: solid panel, solid mitered, convex radius, raised panel, recessed panel, French lites, veneered, laminates, MDF doors; dovetail drawer boxes, drawer fronts, Deco-form accessories, shelves, corbels, mouldings

Denoon Lumber Co.
Bergholz, OH 43908
Tel: 740-768-2597
Products: Blanks, S2S, S4S, flooring, mouldings, wainscoting, wall paneling, mouldings, squares, lumber to 16/4
Double Branch Lumber Co.
Tampa, FL 33635
Tel: 813-891-4900
Products: Moulder blanks, fingerjoint blanks, S2S, S4S, edge-glued panels, rough lumber
Drawer Box Specialties
Orange, CA 92867
Tel: 714-744-4247
Products: Drawer boxes
Machining: English & French dovetailing, fingerjointing, boring, doweling, mitering

Drawer Connection Inc.
Mesa, AZ 85205
Tel: 480-917-4887
Products: Drawer sides, drawer boxes
Machining: Finishing

Elias Woodwork & Mfg. Ltd.
Winkler, MB R6W 4B5
Tel: 204-325-9962
Products: Cabinet doors, wood mouldings, turnings, furniture components, drawer boxes, rope & dentil mouldings, curved components
Machining: Virtually any machining operation performed

Endeavor Hardwoods Inc.
Lyndon Station, WI 53944
Tel: 608-666-2446
Products: Mouldings, millwork, lineal mouldings, wainscoting, wall paneling, edge-glued panels, blanks, lumber
Machining: Face sanding

Felix Huard Inc.
Sainte-Luce, QC G0K 1P0
Tel: 418-739-4894
Products: Moulding blanks, cut-to-size, flooring planks & strips, ready-to-nail pallet components, lumber

Fitts Industries
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401
Tel: 205-345-5188
Products: Hard & softwood stair components, balustrade, handrails, stair rail fittings, stair treads, turnings, mouldings, squares, wrought iron stair balustrade, stair installation hardware & accessories

Fitzpatrick & Weller Inc.
Ellicottville, NY 14731
Tel: 716-699-2393
Products: Cabinet parts, chair parts, cut-to-size blanks, edge-glued panels, butcher block panels, millwork, mouldings, squares, staircase parts, drawer parts, musical instrument parts, turnings
Machining: Moulding, tenoning, CNC routing, boring, shaping, sanding, gluing, carving

Foremost Wood Products
Staten Island, NY 10302
Tel: 718-447-5836
Products: Stile & rail components for entry doors, thin cut lumber 1/10”, 1/8”, 1/4” thick, pine core material, SCL core material

Forest Products Mfg. Co. Inc.
Jasper, IN 47546
Tel: 812-482-5625
[email protected]
Products: Chair parts, cabinet parts, edge-glued panels, mouldings
Machining: Moulding, shaping, tenoning, sanding, boring, assembling

Four Seasons Wood Products
Frederic, WI 54837
Tel: 715-327-4200
Products: Architectural millwork, pocket door frames, stair parts, S4S boards, extension jambs, coped stop, columns
Machining: Ripping, moulding, planing, sanding, coping, chopping

G & D Wood Products
Marshfield, WI 54449
Tel: 715-389-1567
Products: Blanks, strip flooring, mouldings, wainscoting, hand rails
Machining: Face sanding

George Guenzler & Sons Inc.
Kitchener, ON N2C 1K4
Tel: 519-579-5080
Products: Standard & custom stair & railing components, standard & custom table legs, custom components for the contract, healthcare, hospitality & institutional wood furniture industries, stool components, show wood, jigsaw puzzle plywood upholstery frames
Machining: High & low production turning and sanding, CNC boring, routing, sawing, shaping

Georgia Hardwoods Inc.
Buford, GA 30515
Tel: 770-932-0640
Products: Cabinet doors, RTF doors, MDF doors, cabinet parts, drawer fronts & sides, drawer boxes, stiles & rails, blanks, millwork, lineal mouldings, wainscoting, mouldings, lumber
Machining: CNC Machining, finishing, CNC routing

Gerber Wood Products
Kidron, OH  44636
Tel: 330-857-9007
Products: Handrails, bending handrails, treads & risers, S2S, S4S, blanks, edge-glued panels, millwork, wainscoting, wall paneling, mouldings, plywood parts, squares
Machining: Gang ripping, straight-line ripping, resawing, optimizing, planing, 16’ gluing, laminating, moulding, ripping, wide belt sanding, profile sanding, routing, shaping, custom finger jointing

Giguere & Morin Inc.
St-Felix de Kingsey, QC J0B 2T0
Tel: 819-848-2525
Products: Edge-glued panels, tables and components, wooden table slides, furniture parts
Machining: CNC Machining, top and edge sanding, boring

Gingrich Woodcraft Inc.
Devlin, ON  P0W 1C0
Tel: 807-486-2266
[email protected]
Products: Dovetail drawers, cabinet parts, door panels, drawer fronts, drawer sides, solid wood drawer accessories, aromatic cedar closet shelving, S2S, S4S, edge-glued panels, butcher block, squares, stair parts, treads, risers, table tops & parts
Machining: Finishing, dovetailing

Glacial Wood Products Inc.
Brooten, MN 56316
Tel: 800-804-6885
Products: Chair parts, blanks, dowels, edge-glued panels, butcher block, mouldings, musical instrument parts, pins/plugs/knobs, rounds, laminated squares, staircase parts, stair treads, risers & spindles, newel posts, table tops, table bases, toy parts, turnings
Machining: Assembly, boring, CNC machining, mortising, routing, CNC routing, face & edge sanding, shaping, tenoning

Glen Oak Lumber & Milling
Montello, WI  53949
Tel: 608-297-2161
Products: Cabinet parts, drawer fronts, dimension, edge-glued panels, finger joint material, S4S boards, mouldings, veneer lamination, shutter components
Machining: Gluing, laminating, moulding, optimizing, planing, rip sawing, planer sanding, dbl “E”, profile sanding

Good Wood Inc.
Belmont, OH 43718
Tel: 740-484-1500
Products: Wood turnings, dowels, wood knobs, craft parts, toy parts, lids, OEM components, blanks, rounds, squares, newel posts
Machining: turnings 1/8” to 16” long, 5/8” to 3” diameter, doweling, boring, face & edge sanding, shaping, finishing

Grand Lake Molding
Vinita, OK 74301
Tel: 918-782-4473
[email protected]
Products: Cabinet doors, drawer fronts, drawer sides, stiles & rails, chair seats, blanks, edge-glued panels, butcher block, mouldings, laminated squares, table tops
Machining: Assembly, face sanding, molding, shaping, tenoning

Great Lake Woods Inc.
Holland, MI 49424
Tel: 616-399-3300
Products: Wood mouldings, wrapped mouldings paper, vinyl, veneer-, embossed, dentil, rope mouldings, wood assemblies, store fixture parts, furniture parts
Machining: Moulding, CNC routing, double end tenoning, boring, embossing, precision cutting, full rough mill

Gutchess Lumber
Cortland, NY 13045
Tel: 607-753-3393
Products: Cabinet parts, chair parts, cut-to-size blanks, edge-glued panels, mouldings, moulder blanks, staircase parts, lumber, S1S & S2S lumber, face frames, stiles & rails
Machining: Planing, gang ripping, chop sawing, double end tenoning, gluing, sanding, moulding

Hart Tie & Lumber Co. Inc.
Black River Falls, WI 54615
Tel: 715-284-5616
[email protected]
Products: Cabinet parts, drawer fronts & sides, stiles & rails, blanks, edge-glued panels, butcher block, mouldings, lumber
Machining: Face & edge sanding, shaping, tenoning

Hoffco Inc.
Wood Lake, MN 56297
Tel: 507-485-3132
hoffcoinc.com, hoffco.biz
Products: Cabinet doors, MDF doors, drawer fronts, drawer sides, drawer boxes, stiles & rails, blanks, dowels, mouldings, wainscoting, plywood parts, particleboard parts, veneered parts
Machining: Assembly, boring, CNC boring, CNC machining, finishing, routing, CNC routing, face & edge sanding, shaping, tenoning

Hoge Lumber Co.
New Knoxville, OH 45871
Tel: 419-753-2263
Products: Architectural millwork, custom mouldings, furniture & cabinet components, strips, blanks, frame parts, case good parts, S4S, plan & parquet flooring blanks, solid & glued dimension, MDF, timbers
Machining: Sawmill, kilns, boring, edge banding, fingerjointing, lacquering, moulding, optimizing cutoff, optimizing rip, resawing, RF gluing, sanding, shaping, tenoning

Holt & Bugbee Co.
Tewksbury, MA 01876
Tel: 978-851-7201
Products: Mouldings, S4S, custom flooring, D2S, D3S, priming
Machining: Moulding, planing, ripping, double end tenoning, UV finishing/priming

Homeshield Colonial Craft
Luck, WI 54853
Tel: 715-472-2223
Products: Mouldings, grille lineals, extension jambs, component parts, S4S blanks, pocket frames
Machining: Moulding, ripping, sanding, end-fab, cut-to-length, edge-gluing, edge-banding

Indiana Dimension Inc.
Logansport, IN 46947
Tel: 574-739-2319
Products: Cabinet parts, cabinet doors, mitered doors, drawer fronts & sides, stiles & rails, chair parts, lumber, blanks, edge-glued panels, flooring, millwork, moulding, squares, staircase parts
Machining: CNC, shaping, tenoning, moulding, sanding, ripping

J. D. Irving Ltd.
Clair, NB  E7A 2H2
Tel: 506-992-9020
Products: Blanks, S2S, S4S, dowels, edge-glued panels, butcher block, millwork, mouldings, lumber
Machining: Moulding, gluing, surfacing

Jay Gee Wood Products Co.
Barrington, IL 60010
Tel: 847-381-7200
Products: Component parts, export blanks, edge-glued panels, mouldings, fully finished parts
Machining: Full rough mill, gluing, shaping, sanding, boring, finishing, assembly

JM Champeau
St-Malo, QC J0B 2Y0
Tel: 819-658-2244
Products: Squares, dimension, dowels for furniture parts, stair balusters, billiard cue stock, baseball bat stock
Machining: Vacuum kiln, surfacing, doweling

Josef’s Art Woodturning & Son
Hempstead, NY 11550
Tel: 516-489-3080
Products: FSC-certified wood products, wood turned products, legs, posts, columns, finials, curved mouldings, custom mouldings, rope mouldings, face plate turnings, hand rails & fittings, carvings
Machining: CNC roping, CNC turning, Mattison & Cory turning, fluting, beading, machine carving

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