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The Wood Component Manufacturers Association (WCMA) has a “Technology Partnership” program to connect manufacturers of woodworking machinery, equipment, supplies, software and business solutions to WCMA member companies who utilize these products and services. Our Technology Partners have the opportunity to showcase and educate WCMA members on their newest technologies, products and services. The centerpiece of the Technology Partner program is our Wood Technology Expo, which is held annually in conjunction with the WCMA Fall Conference & Plant Tour Event.

Active Machine & Tool Co. Inc.

Tel: 616-662-9730

Contact: Michael Ary

Products: Active Machine & Tool Co. Inc. manufactures, distributes and services solid carbide, carbide tipped, diamond and H.S.S. tooling.


Tel: 770-622-6629

Contact: Antonio Orrú

Products: AetnaGroupUSA is a leader in manufacturing semi-automatic and fully automatic packing machines: portable stretch wrappers, turntable, horizontal ring, rotary arm, high speed spiral wrappers and shrink wrapping machines.

American Wood Dryers Inc.

Tel: 503-655-1955

Contact: William E. Moore

Products: American Wood Dryers Inc. offers both package and track kilns for hardwood and softwood lumber. AWD recently introduced the patented ThermoVent — a power venting and heat exchanger system that boosts kiln efficiency and improves lumber uniformity and quality.

Arminius Tooling Inc.

Tel: 320-294-5900

Contact: Ron Frazier

Products: Arminius Tooling customers can achieve excellent surface qualities on natural woods, veneer and MDF panels. The company is an innovator in profile sanding.

AWMV Industrial Products

Tel: 317-808-0835

Contact: Kevin Corder

Products: AWMV Industrial Products is the commercial division of Wood-Mizer. The product line includes moulding machines, profile grinders, resaws, edgers and thin-kerf sawmills.

Carolina Specialty Tools Inc.

Tel: 828-397-2467

Contact: Tim Weaver

Products: Carolina Specialty Tools specializes in the design and manufacture of high-tech cutting tools for the woodworking industry, including carbide-tipped, insert tooling and diamond tooling for industrial CNC machinery.

Carter Products Co. Inc.

Tel: 616-647-3380

Contact: Peter Perez; Kip Walworth

Products: Carter Products manufactures: 2-D computer laser production systems; line lasers; inspection lights; widebelt sander set-up/diagnostic devices; bandsaw guides; wheels; tires; and other machine accessories.

Costa & Grissom Machinery

Co. Inc.

Tel: 336-434-6644

Contact: Stefano Costa

Products: Costa & Grissom is a leading provider of sanding, finishing and automation equipment for processing wood and solid surfaces. The company offers innovative and money-saving solutions, proactive parts, service and training.

Dantherm Filtration

(Formerly DISA Systems Inc.)

Tel: 336-821-0800, 800-533-5286

Contact: Neils Pedersen, Barry Lester

Products: Dantherm Filtration provides turnkey systems for air filtration and dust collection solutions, including design, fabrication and installation of systems from 1,000 CFM to over 100,000 CFM — over 35,000 installations.

Delmac Machinery Group

Tel: 336-854-1211

Contact: Gerri Bolton

Products: Delmac supplies: CNC machining centers, CNC routers, edgebanders, electronic case clamps, Delmac Engineering, hydraulic case clamps, tenoners, combination machines, material handling equipment, panel saws, straight/contour edgebanders and bore/dowel machines.

Alexander Dodds Co.

Tel: 616-784-6000

Contact: Mark Chappell

Products: Alexander Dodds Co. produces drawer machinery, dovetailers, dovetail gluers, drawer clamps, bore and dowel machines for precise dovetailing and assembly without filling and sanding. Mortise and bore machinery is used for mortising and boring pockets for Mod-eez clips.

Eagle Machinery & Supply Inc.

Tel: 330-852-1300

Contact: Kirk Spillman

Products: Eagle Machinery & Supply specializes in Total Mill Solutions and Optimized System Integration and features custom material handling equipment, the Ripmaster optimizing fenceless ripsaw feeder, the Talon optimizing cutoff saw, material handling fans plus an extensive inventory of hydraulic and mechanical components.

Fletcher Machine Co. Inc.

Tel: 336-249-6101

Contact: Bobby Miller

Products: Fletcher Machine manufactures American-made edgebanders. Other products range from heat transfer foil machines to electronic trimmer machines, softformers, single- and double-side tenoners, shapers, sanders, flatline laminators and the E-Z Door raised panel door machine.

Friulmac Inc.

Tel: 828-327-6265

Contact: Joe Hammock

Products: Friulmac offers single- and double-end tenoners, random length end matchers with endless workstation combinations. Friulmac also offers on-site technical support and spare parts packages.

Franklin Adhesives

Tel: 800-877-4583

Contact: Jaye Schroeder

Products: For more than 70 years, Franklin Adhesives has been an industry leader in bonding wood and wood products. The company markets Titebond®, Multibond®, Advantage® and Woodbonds® products.

Hasko Inc.

Tel: 423-648-5200

Contact: Randy Brooks, Steve Pugh

Products: Hasko Inc. manufactures optimizing gang ripsaws and systems; S4S and S2S sidematching and planing centers; end matchers for solid and laminated material; lineal feed tables; sorting, grading and nesting systems; crayon-mark and optimizing cutoff saws; custom machine design; and repair, service and troubleshooting.


Tel: 978-741-3600

Contact: Whitney Wiggin

Products: Hendrick is a one-stop solution with a diverse product line, offering horizontal panel saws, vertical beam saws, CNC routers, machining centers, software, parts and tooling.

Jenkins Systems

Tel: 920-452-2110

Contact: Kurt Zipperer

Products: Jenkins Systems manufactures high quality, simple-to-operate sizing and specialty machinery with guaranteed precision and measurable repeatability designed to your specifications. Available are: tenoners, CNC miter machines, CNC shapers, tool changers, robotics as well as special application machinery.

Kreg Tool Co.

Tel: 800-447-8638

Contact: Brent Gantenbein

Products: Kreg Tool Co. is a leading U.S. manufacturer of quality woodworking tools and accessories, specializing in tools and supplies for pocket-screw joinery including its NEW line of precision routing products and clamping systems.

Leadermac USA

Tel: 866-522-6835

Contact: Graham Akhurst

Products: Leadermac produces an extensive line of moulders from 1- to 10- head, single knife moulders to high speed 1,200 fpm machines. Leadermac USA also offers complete grinding room solutions, and PRIMO shifting and standard type ripsaws.

Leitz Tooling Systems

Tel: 800-253-6070

Contact: Garry Davies

Products: With 14 domestic sales/service centers, Leitz is a leading supplier of complete tooling solutions, technical support, and tooling service to the woodworking industry.

LuxScan Technologies

Tel: 704-528-7313

Contact: Shawn Miller

Products: LuxScan designs, develops and sells vision systems for inspection and optimization in the wood industry. The company also offers products for real-time scanning in cross cutting, rip sawing and color matching applications. LuxScan has more than 50 scanners in North American and 115 worldwide.

Mereen-Johnson Machine Co.

Tel: 612-529-7791

Contact: Marv West

Products: Mereen-Johnson has been setting the standard for the woodworking industry since 1905 and manufactures a complete line of fixed arbor and movable blade ripsaws, single and double-end tenoners (1-8 stations), panel sizing equipment, dovetailers, engineered materials processing equipment and complete rough mill material handling systems.


Tel: 812-482-2000

Contact: Holly Mundy

Products: NAP GLADU has a complete array of products for the woodworking industry, including: carbide-tipped saw blades, insert tooling, diamond tooling, carbide-tipped cutters, moulder heads, sidewinder moulder heads, refuse hoggers, router bits, inserts and accessories.

National Casein Co.

Tel: 773-846-7300

Contact: Ed McHugh

Products: Founded in 1921, National Casein provides a wide variety of liquid and powder adhesives to the wood products industry. All products are available from five plants and five warehouse facilities.

Newman Machine Co. Inc.

Tel: 336-273-8261

Contact: Mike Harris

Products: Newman Machine Co. is a manufacturer and designer of precision machinery for the woodworking industry. The company manufactures: double roughing planers, double and single surfacers, gang ripsaws, presses, trimmers and knife grinders.

Nordfab Ducting

Tel: 336-889-9187, 800-532-0830

Contact: Tom Ballus

Products: Nordfab Ducting is the manufacturer of Quick-Fit laser-welded, clamp-together ducting. Quick-Fit (Q-F) installs in half the time of traditional ducting, is reusable, adapts to existing ducting, and can be delivered in as little as four days.

Northtech Industrial Machinery LLC

Tel: 502-719-0015

Contact: Lisa Drury

Products: Northtech Industrial Machinery supplies industrial double surface planers, fixed and moveable arbor gang ripsaws, vertical and horizontal band resaws, fingerjoint systems, Leadermac moulders, and widebelt and planer sanders. It also provides parts, service and technical support.

OSI Machinerie

Tel: 418-228-6868

Contact: Jean-Luc Croteau

Products: The OSI Machinerie Self-Centering Planer is a state-of-the-art piece of equipment appreciated in the industry for its efficiency and reliability. It has been designed to optimize the amount of usable raw material found in each board, thereby cutting waste.

C. R. Onsrud Inc.

Tel: 704-508-7000

Contact: Sales

Products: C. R. Onsrud Inc. offers a comprehensive line of high-precision products including 33 standard models of 3-, 4- and 5-axis CNC routers, four models of inverted pin routers and a complete line of tooling and accessories.

Opti-Sand Inc.

Tel: 877-533-OPTI

Contact: Robert Kohnke

Products: Opti-Sand manufactures feed-through sanders for white wood denibbing, primer, sealer and finish sanding of casing, crown and baseboard mouldings, shutters, cabinet doors, and flush or panel entry way doors.

Paul Saws & Systems, a division of Koch Machinery

Tel: 678-444-5000

Contact: Clemens Heinrici, Matt Venable

Products: Paul Saws & Systems is a leading manufacturer of circular saw technology. Paul not only delivers state-of-the-art, high quality saws, but also the system technology to provide a whole line, including the handling equipment.

Progressive Solutions Inc.

Tel: 604-214-8750, 877-746-4774

Contact: Russ Maximuik

Products: Progressive Solutions offers sales, inventory and accounting software for wood component manufacturers and suppliers. Industry leaders use Lumber Track™ and bisTrack™ to boost competitiveness and profitability.


Tel: 770-813-8818

Contact: Andrew Jowett, 770-622-6596

Products: SCM Group is a leading manufacturer of a broad range of solid wood, widebelt sanding and panel processing machines, from entry level to advanced, including sophisticated integrated lines and systems.

Solid Wood Systems Inc.

Tel: 336-884-0700

Contact: Paul Green, Steve Craven

Products: Solid Wood Systems supplies a range of equipment, including: mortise and tenoning, trim and bore, profilers both CNC and template; bandsaws, both CNC and template; 5-axis CNC machine centers; specialty sanding; and boring equipment.

Stiles Machinery Inc.

Tel: 616-698-7500

Contact: Steve Waltman

Products: Stiles Machinery’s Solid Wood Technologies features Kentwood moulders and ripsaws, Wadkin grinders, and SystemTM optimizing systems for the processing of solid wood components. Stiles Machinery also offers a complete line of high-tech panel processing machinery as well as packaging and assembly equipment.

Super Thin Saws Inc.

Tel: 802-244-8101; 800-541-7297

Contact: Steve England

Products: Super Thin Saws manufactures and services high precision thin kerf circular saw blades for use in rough mills, flooring and millwork plants. The company supplies accessory tooling as well.

Taylor Group

Tel: 845-452-3780

Contact: Michael Burdis

Products: James L. Taylor Mfg. Co. has three divisions: Taylor produces edge-gluing and laminating machinery; Cameron Automation features optimization systems for the rough mill; and JLT Clamps supplies edge-gluing and door clamping machinery.

Weima America Inc.

Tel: 803-802-7170

Contact: Vikki Van Dam

Products: Weima has provided customized size reduction solutions to the wood industry for more than 20 years. Hopper-fed and horizontal shredders are available to fit your application.

Weinig Group

Tel: 704-799-0100

Contact: Darren McCarthy

Products: The Weinig Group — Weinig, GreCon, Dimter, Waco and Raimann — is your source for solid wood processing machines. Weinig Group produces equipment to make businesses more profitable.

WoodEye North America Inc.

Tel: 770-995-6765

Contact: Claus Staalner

Products: WoodEye is a world leader in vision scanners for the woodworking industry, exclusively since 1981. Our scanners work with any brand of crosscutting saws, planers or sorting lines.

Woodstream Machinery LLC

Tel: 612-302-3390

Contact: Marv West

Products: Woodstream Machinery offers a full line of moulders, grinders and parting saws featuring industry leading technology. Woodstream is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mereen-Johnson.

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