One single source -- at your fingertips, 24/7. The Wood Component Manufacturers Association makes it easy for buyers to find WCMA members that can produce the wood component products they need, whether it be in solid or engineered wood materials. One call to the WCMA office or a visit to the Source Guide on our Web site,, can connect you with a WCMA Member company that can produce the exact product to your specifications.

Located throughout the United States and Canada, the more than 150 WCMA member companies produce rough, semi- and fully-machined wood component products for the cabinet, furniture, building products, staircase, flooring, millwork, store fixture and related decorative wood product industries. These components include S2S and S4S dimension blanks, flooring strips, moulding blanks, edge-glued panels, solid and laminated squares, dowels, mouldings, turnings, table and chair parts, cabinet doors and parts, frame stock, staircase parts, interior trim, millwork, engineered wood components and many other specialty wood products. By outsourcing these components, wood product manufacturers are able to gain a competitive edge and combat the rising costs of doing business.

Other resources offered by the WCMA include trade promotion, information on rules and specifications for dimension and components, research studies and plant tours.

WCMA Programs and Events

Trade Promotion: WCMA supports its members through the use of WCMA advertisements placed in the annual directory and buyer's guide issues of the major woodworking magazines. The WCMA also exhibits at several woodworking trade shows held throughout the world with displays highlighting the various products produced by its member companies. Free copies of the Wood Component Buyer's Guide also are available at these shows to interested component buyers and users who visit the booth. A large number of sales leads are obtained at these trade shows that are passed on to all WCMA members for follow-up.

Wood Technology Expo: The WCMA conducts a Wood Technology Expo each year, designed to encourage more interaction between WCMA Technology Partners and Member companies. The Wood Technology Expo is held in conjunction with our Fall Conference & Plant Tour Event.

WCMA Rulebook: The WCMA publishes the "Rules and Specifications for Dimension and Woodwork." The Rulebook covers dimension and component grading rules, tolerances and claim procedures for domestic and export trade. It also serves as a guideline for buyers of dimension and component products when specifying their component products. It is also a valuable communications link between component buyers and suppliers.

The pocket-sized Rulebook is available for $5.00 per copy (includes shipping and handling) and can be obtained by mailing your check to the WCMA office at 741 Butlers Gate, Suite 100, Marietta, GA 30068.

Membership Directory & Source Guide

Included in this Wood Components Buyer's Guide, beginning on page 11, is a "WCMA Membership Directory and Source Guide." This section includes a listing of all WCMA member companies, a description of the products they produce and machining capabilities. This makes it easy for dimension and component buyers to identify those companies that produce the products they need and provides them with contact information.

WCMA Member Match Program

The WCMA's Member Match Program was created to "match" component buyers' needs with our members' production capabilities. It is a computerized membership database retrieval system that provides prospective buyers with a list of all WCMA members who can produce the specific component products they need. This computer-generated list is immediately faxed or e-mailed to component buyers so they can contact manufacturers with their exact specifications. This service is free of charge to dimension and component buyers and is available by contacting the WCMA office directly or visiting our Web site at

The WCMA conducts a Fall Conference & Plant Tour Event each year. The Fall Conference presents educational sessions on timely topics of interest to WCMA members with opportunities for open discussion on common concerns. Members also tour the production facilities of several dimension, component, cabinet, furniture, millwork and related woodworking companies. These plant tours provide WCMA members with a unique opportunity to observe innovative woodworking manufacturing operations and discover new manufacturing techniques, exchange ideas and learn about alternative manufacturing methods.

The 2009 WCMA Fall Conference & Plant Tour Event will be held Sept. 20-22 in eastern Wisconsin. Interesting educational sessions are scheduled in addition to tours of several leading woodworking operations that produce components, cabinetry, lumber, millwork, and specialty wood products.

For further information about the WCMA's programs and activities or if you wish to become a member of the association, please contact the WCMA office:

Wood Component Manufacturers Association

741 Butlers Gate, Suite 100,

Marietta, GA 30068

Tel: 770-565-6660

Fax: 770-565-6663



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