: Tortorelli Creations Inc., Colton, CA; tortorelli.com

PROJECT: Main entrance doors to Blessed Kateri Tekawitha Catholic Church in Santa Clarita, CA

The exterior has a hand mosaic of the Tree of Life overlaid on the Waters of Life. The interior has a Waters of Life mosaic design. The
main frame is jatoba and is 3 inches thick by 6 inches wide. The interior field is solid white oak panels,
1-3/4 inches thick, splined and glued together. The frame is inlaid with solid polished bronze ending in inlaid ebony caps. The mosaic pieces are box elder burl, pressure-dyed through 100 percent.

The mosaic pieces are roughly
the size of a domino and were dyed under high
pressure in the shop’s 2,000 pound pressure chamber. In total, there were about 26,000 individual pieces.

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