Smaller footprints and increased capabilities are just some of the new developments in today’s CNC routers and machining centers.

Woodworking has been made easier and more cost-effective through the vast array of tooling options and machining capabilities available on today’s CNC routers and machining centers.

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Biesse America offers the Rover C 9.65 ATS machine, featuring the new 5-axis head with “double power” technology allowing higher horsepower in a reduced frame. The company says the Rover C is a faster, more reliable and flexible alternative for customers who use large and expensive aggregates.

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Stiles Machinery Inc. offers the BHX 500 CNC machining center, designed for routing, boring and grooving flat panel components. Features include: a smooth pressure air cushion feeding system, high-speed vertical boring spindles with a patented clamping system, WoodWOP software and Windows-based Beckhoff CNC controllers. The BHX has a variety of material handling options, from gantry feeders to robotics.

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Omnitech Systems introduces its latest addition to the SELEXX Series of CNC routers. The ECO model features: a 10-hp spindle, 8-position automatic tool changer with HSK 63F tool holders, piggyback drill and an industrial vacuum pump. Offered with a 4-ft by 8-ft table, the machine base is constructed of industrial-grade welded steel.

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Cam Tech’s Routermaster line of CNC machines are fully 2-D and 3-D capable in 3- and 4-axis configurations. The company says that each Routermaster model supports a variety of tools, including vinyl knives, foam cutters, drills and rotating engraving heads.

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SCM Group USA introduces the Routech Record 132 TVN Prisma 5-axis CNC router, which is designed for window and door applications. The machine is available in up to a 19.7-ft by 4-ft table size, with vacuum cups and clamps worktable. Features include: 5-axis head unit; 10-hp, 20,000 RPM, 18 or nine spindle drill unit; and 12-, 24-, 48- and 72-position tool changer.

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CMS North America Inc. offers the AVANT Series of moving bridge/fixed table machining centers, available in four different widths, from 5 ft to 9 ft, and seven different lengths, from 11-1/2 ft to 32 ft. Available units include four-station and eight-station revolvers with 11.4-hp spindles, as well as 3- and 4-axis, 16-hp automatic tool-changing spindles.

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Thermwood Corp. introduces the CabinetShop Series of CNC router packages for custom cabinet shops. The line is available with five machines, three moving table systems and two fixed table systems, with a choice of table sizes from 4 ft by 8 ft to 7 ft by 12 ft. The company says each package is complete with the CNC router, automatic tool changer, vacuum system, eCabinet Systems cabinet design software, tools and support.

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C.R. Onsrud Inc. offers Multi-Head Dual Process Technology, which it says provides the throughput of two complete machines from a single machine footprint. It incorporates a 3-, 4- or 5-axis Extreme Duty Series twin-table model, with the addition of a second tool changer and a second main router spindle. Additional drilling or boring blocks, aggregate tool changers or multiple c-axis can be added as options.

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Delmac Machinery Group offers the Busellato JET PLUS 5-Axis CNC machining center. The structure can be configured with Busellato’s J5 5-axis machining head, and the 5-axis design incorporates dual independent Z axes. The spindle has reduced overall dimensions to allow machining in tight spaces, while minimizing part elevation necessary for horizontal machining. Multiple-length work tables of up to 21 ft are available, according to the company.

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Holz-Her’s PRO-Master 7123-K is the latest addition to its CNC product lineup. The PRO-Master comes standard with: a 21-hp liquid cooled router spindle, 12-position ride-a-long tool changer, 24 drilling spindles, a bar code scanner and a laser for pod positioning. The PRO-Master is available in point-to-point, matrix, flat solid and META conversion table styles, and features a positioning speed of 120 mpm (4,725 ipm).

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MultiCam L.P. introduces an all-plate, steel frame base for its 3000 and 5000 Series router and plasma CNC cutting systems. The company says its new frames are designed to improve rigidity and are available with base frame designs for extra available stroke in the X-axis to accommodate full coverage of optional boring units. Heavy-duty forklift tubes are standard and work surface height is maintained at an ergonomic level of 32 in.

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Techno Inc. introduces the LC “X” Series of CNC routers, which can be equipped with a 10-hp automatic tool change spindle, multizone vacuum table, multiple spindles, reverse engineering and 4th axis rotary outrigger routing. Eight standard models are offered, ranging in work envelopes from 59 in. by 120 in. to 98 in. by 168 in.; special sizes are available upon request.

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Silver Machine Inc. offers the SFR-1931AT2, with standard functions, such as inner and outer profile cutting and 3-D engraving, and optional functions of 5-sided drilling, grooving and breaking, and 4-sided longitudinal tenon and mortise machining. Other features include: a safety tool anti-drop device, automatic tool change system, a spindle-forced cooling system, and a combined nitrogen gas and hydraulic counter-balance system.

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The PRSalpha from ShopBot Tools features closed-loop motors and hardened stainless steel rails. According to the company, the PRSalpha is a complete CNC system with 2-D and 3-D cutting, drilling, carving and machining capabilities for applications in wood, acrylic and non-ferrous metals. The PRSalpha also has rapid transit speeds of 1,500 ipm and cutting speeds of up to 600 ipm.

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The Viva 5-axis CNC machining center from Solid Wood Systems is designed to tenon, cut-off, drill, slot and mill elongated solid wood parts, thus replacing multiple machines and operations, according to the company. Features include: the ability to machine identical, symmetrical or completely different parts, and the option of loading and unloading parts manually, if necessary.

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The newly-designed Gannomat Index Trend 130-280 industrial PC unit from Tritec Assoc. Inc. features a Windows-based operating system, menu-based programming and a flat screen monitor, plus fast setup through networking and bar coding. The tooling platform has a lateral travel speed of 105 mpm, and there are four working zone sizes to choose from: 1,300mm, 1,800mm, 2,300mm and 2,800mm. Other features include automatic lubrication for the rack-and-pinion drive, a closed glue system and electronic, optical glue insert control (GIC), with accessories such as a top drill, additional inserters and all axis CNC control.

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The new CNT-950 Series router from CNT Motion Systems features a 60-in. by 120-in. machining area, Danaher AC brushless servo motors to drive positioning speeds of up to 1200 ipm, a 25mm Hiwin ball screw X-axis, tool changers, boring heads and vacuum fixturing. The company says the machine can tackle heavier applications, including hardwoods, plastics, non-ferrous metals and solid surface, and can be used for nested-based manufacturing.

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Hendrick/RWH Industries Inc. offers the new Hendrick 20 ZXGN CNC router, equipped with a 12-hp high frequency router spindle with a spindle-mounted automatic 6-tool changer, and a 12-hp vacuum pump, as standard features. The moving gantry design utilizes AC servo drives, linear ways and ball screws on all axes for smooth and accurate movement, with feed rates up to 2,000 ipm and a positioning accuracy of ±0.002 in., with a repetitive accuracy of ±0.0008 in. Additional features include a PC controller with built-in CAD/CAM software, vacuum table machined for zoning and pod fixturing, low vacuum pressure safety cut off and air blast tool cooling.

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The Anderson Group offers the CABMAXX CNC router, with machine tool tank-style bearings and flexible CNC controller options, allowing for a quick installation of both machine and software, the company says. Primary applications include nested-based production, cabinet production and production frame construction, individual part production, and plastic and composite machining. (704) 522-1823, www.anderson
Richard T. Byrnes Co. Inc. offers the Byrnes/Bacci Duetto double CNC machining center. The Duetto allows tenoning, fingerjointing, drilling, mortising and milling to be performed at both ends of a piece, as well as between the same ends, and all operations are programmable, according to the company.

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The Sprint-PTP-2 machining center from Koch Machinery automatically drills, glues and inserts dowels in panels, rails and stiles. Features include four separate working zones, positioning speeds of up to 330 fpm, programming via menu driven screens on a PC using the Windows XP operating system and screen diagnostics with online connections to offices. CAD/CAM links and barcode readers are also available.

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Accu-Router introduces a new, completely integrated, small footprint, automated conveyer system for its High Velocity machining cell. The system design allows the cell to truly be machine-paced production instead of operator-paced, according to the company.

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