Spray Gun Tips for Operators
August 15, 2011 | 10:41 pm CDT

1. The best way to achieve consistency is the spray gun application is to use equipment that allows you to record your settings and then return to them very easily. For instance, be sure to use regulators with accurate pressure gauges that are easy to read — and record the pressure settings used under different conditions and with different materials in a log book. Use a spray gun that allows you to identify the exact position of the needle (via the fluid control knob) and the fan control.

2. Operator training is critical. Two operators can pick up the same gun and get completely different results. Distance to target, speed of gun movement and direction of the spray (i.e., head on or at an angle) all will impact the consistency of the final product.

3. If the operator does not, or cannot, control the temperature of the coating, adjustments will need to be made in other areas, such as fluid pressure and/or atomizing and fan air pressures.

4. All spray equipment needs to be maintained. Regular cleaning and maintenance is the best way to ensure that the spray pattern remains as constant as the day the gun came out of the box.

5. To ensure consistency, it is very important that the operator record all of the variables associated with the desired outcome — and then try to repeat them as closely as possible or make adjustments if those variables change.

Source: WoodworkingNetwork.com/RedBook
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 Spray Gun Tips for Operators
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