Wood & Wood Products looks at some of the woodworking industry’s design and production software.

Design Software

Cabnetware, from Planit Solutions, has software tools for manufacturers of residential and commercial casework. The software provides the generation of detailed architectural drawings, as well as multiple views and renderings of all the user’s woodworking projects. Cabnetware says it also provides accurate cutlists, assembly sheets, estimating, material requirements and more. The software is fully integrated with the Planit CNC Center for its Screen-To-Machine customers automating their business with CNC equipment. (800) 280-6932, www.planitmanufacturing.com

EnRoute Software is a complete CAD/CAM software package with 2-D and 3-D capabilities that works with virtually all leading cabinet design software to toolpath, nest and output the user’s cabinet, MDF door and closet designs. (800) 229-9068, www.enroutesoftware.com

20-20 CAD, from 20-20 Technologies, supports commercial and residential design of cabinets, range hoods, vanities, corner cabinets, islands, store fixtures or other special request items. The product targets businesses needing to design semi-custom, custom or “one-off” case good products. The company says that two key benefits of the software are the ability to upload files into 20-20 Design and output to CNC machines for manufacturing. (866) 698-2020, www.2020technologies.com

Alphacam CAD/CAM software, from Planit Solutions, is used to design and manufacture many types of custom components, from simple 2-D routed parts to complex 5-axis furniture components. Alphacam is compatible with virtually any CNC machine, and is fully integrated with the Planit CNC Center for its Screen-To-Machine customers automating their business with CNC equipment. (800) 280-6932, www.planitmanufacturing.com

ArtCAM Pro 2009, from Delcam, contains new features and enhancements, including a 3-D PDF viewer to save 3-D PDFs of part or all of a design; an embossing tool, which can take a 3-D model and reduce it to any height while maintaining the prominent details and illusion of depth from the original model; “Working in the 3-D View” so users can work directly in the 3-D view; customizable sculpting tools, which allow users to create their own sculpting brushes; a relief analysis tool, which will highlight any sharp edges or discontinuities within the design that could cause subsequent problems in the die; and auto-save and file recovery. (877) 335-2261, www.artcampro.com

Kitchen Builder, from Planit Solutions, is an entry-level software tool specifically designed for small custom kitchen shops looking to automate their business. The software system allows the user to quickly layout/render projects and output data such as cut lists, shop drawings and job estimates. (800) 280-6932, www.planitmanufacturing.com

The 3D Collection Bundle from Vector Art 3D is a library of computer models, featuring over 300 decorative dimensional designs and a library of parts that can be carved in any size and material on the user’s CNC router, according to the company. (416) 686-4591, www.vectorart3d.com

Production Software

KCDw and Thermwood have announced a new interface that connects KCDw software to Thermwood’s machines at the “job” level. Now the entire job is sent to the machine as a single file instead of dozens or hundreds of files needed for the common part level interface. With a job level interface, the machine control automatically sorts the job, creates nests and the required CNC programs, and guides the operator through the job, step by step. (508) 760-1140, www.kcdw.com

Completely embedded within AutoCAD, Microvellum Toolbox generates all the manufacturing information needed for production, comes with a library that can be configured to match the user’s construction methods and can create shop drawings using a pre-defined library that contains complete product information such as materials, parts, hardware, machining and more, the company says. (541) 245-1660, www.microvellum.com

CabinetMakersOffice.com offers the Task Capacity Kiosk, which integrates in the CMO Project Manager. The software enables the shop employees to clock in, start assigned tasks and report task progress in real-time to central management. According to CabinetMakersOffice.com, the program is designed to increase operational efficiencies and reduce administrative overhead. (888) 539-4664, www.cabinetmakersoffice.com

ARDIS Optimization from Eurosoft reduces scrap by calculating the best possible cutting pattern based on cutlists and raw material sizes. A number of features can be added to the optimizer to further increase yield, re-use scrap, manage inventory and improve workflow. Adding features can be done at any time. ARDIS also integrates seamlessly with all design software and makes of beam saw. (919) 468-3003, www.eurosoftinc.com

Mastercam says its Router X3 delivers a comprehensive routing package, from general purpose methods such as optimized nesting and block drilling to highly specialized toolpaths like 5-axis trimming. (800) 228-2877, www.mastercamrouter.com

TradeSoft software is designed for custom fabricators, with functions that include estimating, quoting, order entry, job creation, purchasing, inventory management, job costing, job tracking, scheduling, shipping and receiving. Integrated shop floor data collection with barcoding, touchscreens and hand-held terminals improves job cost accuracy and ease of use, according to the company. (800) 289-6326, www.tradesoftinc.com

Solid Manufacturing, from Planit Solutions, uses solid modeling technology to create true 3-D presentations while simultaneously generating the necessary information for the shop floor, including cutlists, material requirements, detailed part drawings and exploded assembly views. (800) 280-6932, www.planitmanufacturing.com

ACCU-COMM manufacturing software from Accu-Systems Inc. is used to combine orders together and create cutlists from the customers’ order entry or design system. The software also has the ability to link multiple types of Accu-Systems machines, allowing for the processing of parts in numerous stages of completion simultaneously. (800) 369-5746, www.accu-systems.com

Tractivity’s business management software is available in five editions including Time & Payroll, Cost Management, Manufacturing, Estimating and Enterprise Management. Tractivity also integrates with accounting software, payroll services and CAD programs. (888) 540-7171, www.tractivity.com

ACE PackXpert packaging management software from Adept Technology is an all-in-one software solution designed specifically for the rapid development and deployment of packaging applications, the company says. The software also features a graphic interface and 3-D workspace display for visualizing the system operation, including physical and conceptual objects. (800) 292-3378, www.adept.com

AVIA (Advanced Visual Interactive Assistance), a module of iConnect, from Stiles Machinery Inc., provides visual guidance to workstation operators. Using a video projection system instead of a laser projector enables the use of high resolution graphics and text instructions at a much lower cost, the company says. Common applications include label placement for nested-based manufacturing and part placement for assembly or packaging stations. (616) 698-7500, www.stilesmachinery.com

TenonCam is a manufacturing system, consisting of patent pending router bits and software, used to form mortise and tenon joints, in-the-nest, on a flat table CNC router. The process is used to produce milled cabinet, drawer and toe board parts, without secondary operations or supporting machinery, the company says. (951) 487-7680, www.tenoncam.com

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