Besides the ease of installation, end-users also desire special features in their drawer slides, such as soft-closing capabilities or aspects related to aesthetics, such as concealed slides or inset drawer fronts without knobs.

Specifically, consumers are looking for quiet closing, smooth-running action and full extension. These three things once defined the high end, but now products are available that penetrate the market across kitchens, in almost all price ranges.

Consumers also want to see the easy-closing action integrated into more and more products — not just in kitchens and bathrooms — but other parts of their daily routine as well. This is driven by the perception that this is a “high-end” feature. The quality perceived from soft-closing drawers goes beyond the actual slide and imparts that the entire cabinet has a high-quality level. This desire for the easy-close action is a trend in commercial environments as well.

Slides with a self-closing feature offer efficiency by ensuring drawers are fully closed and preventing them from bouncing back open. There is also a safety factor associated with this feature. When used in institutional or retail environments, the self-closing action may prevent collisions with, or interference by, drawers that remain ajar,.

While the growth in popularity of the self-closing and soft-closing features offer an added-value feature to today’s drawers, the challenge continues to be to keep the costs as low as possible so that they can be more widely marketed.

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Smooth, Steady: New Strides for Drawer Slides
Photo: Blum

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